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  1. Optimization of piezoelectric energy harvesters under uncertainties
  2. Finite element modeling and analysis of adhesive layer effects in surface-bonded piezoelectric sensors and actuators including non-uniform thickness
  3. Robust evaluation of stability regions of oil-well drilling systems with uncertain bit-rock nonlinear interaction
  4. Effect of parametric uncertainties on vibration mitigation with periodically distributed and interconnected piezoelectric patches
  5. Design and Analysis of a Geometrically Nonlinear Dynamic Vibration Absorber
  6. On the noncollocated control of structures with optimal static output feedback: Initial conditions dependence, sensors placement, and sensitivity analysis
  7. Optimal control of structures using only a small number of sensors
  8. Finite element modeling and parametric analysis of a dielectric elastomer thin-walled cylindrical actuator
  9. Finite element modeling and analysis of an atomic force microscope cantilever beam coupled to a piezoceramic base actuator
  10. Performance analysis of proportional-integral feedback control for the reduction of stick-slip-induced torsional vibrations in oil well drillstrings
  11. Finite element characterisation of multilayer d31 piezoelectric macro-fibre composites
  12. Semi-modal active vibration control of plates using discrete piezoelectric modal filters
  13. Finite element characterization and parametric analysis of the nonlinear behaviour of an actual d 15 shear MFC
  15. Parametric analysis of effective material properties of thickness-shear piezoelectric macro-fibre composites
  16. Finite element homogenization technique for the characterization ofd15shear piezoelectric macro-fibre composites
  17. Modeling and analysis of laminate composite plates with embedded active–passive piezoelectric networks
  18. Experimental analysis of active-passive vibration control using viscoelastic materials and extension and shear piezoelectric actuators
  19. Optimization of modal filters based on arrays of piezoelectric sensors
  20. Effective Electromechanical Coupling Coefficients of Piezoelectric Adaptive Structures: Critical Evaluation and Optimization
  21. Multimodal passive vibration control of sandwich beams with shunted shear piezoelectric materials
  22. Refined sandwich model for the vibration of beams with embedded shear piezoelectric actuators and sensors
  23. Optimization of active–passive damping treatments using piezoelectric and viscoelastic materials
  24. Simultaneous Extension and Shear Piezoelectric Actuation for Active Vibration Control of Sandwich Beams
  25. On Higher-Order Modelling of Smart Beams with Embedded Shear-Mode Piezoceramic Actuators and Sensors
  26. Reduced-Order Finite Element Models of Viscoelastically Damped Beams Through Internal Variables Projection
  27. Karhunen–Loève decomposition of coupled axial/bending vibrations of beams subject to impacts
  28. Dynamics of beams undergoing large rotations accounting for arbitrary axial deformation
  29. Frequency-Dependent Viscoelastic Models for Passive Vibration Isolation Systems
  31. Finite element modelling of hybrid active–passive vibration damping of multilayer piezoelectric sandwich beams—part I: Formulation
  32. Finite element modelling of hybrid active–passive vibration damping of multilayer piezoelectric sandwich beams—part II: System analysis
  33. On the numerical integration of rigid body nonlinear dynamics in presence of parameters singularities
  34. Piezoelectric actuation mechanisms for intelligent sandwich structures
  35. Finite element analysis of frequency- and temperature-dependent hybrid active-passive vibration damping
  36. Modeling of Frequency-Dependent Viscoelastic Materials for Active-Passive Vibration Damping
  37. Parametric Analysis of the Vibration Control of Sandwich Beams Through Shear-Based Piezoelectric Actuation
  38. New Shear Actuated Smart Structure Beam Finite Element
  39. A Unified Beam Finite Element Model for Extension and Shear Piezoelectric Actuation Mechanisms