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  1. Knowledge infrastructure capability, absorptive capacity and inbound open innovation: evidence from SMEs in France
  2. Knowledge-oriented leadership and open innovation: Role of knowledge management capability in France-based multinationals
  3. Roles of leadership styles and relationship-based employee governance in open service innovation
  4. The interplay of leadership, absorptive capacity, and organizational learning culture in open innovation: Testing a moderated mediation model
  5. Organizational Characteristics and Engagement in Open Innovation: Is There a Link?
  6. To Facebook or to Face Book? An investigation of how academic performance of different personalities is affected through the intervention of Facebook usage
  7. Employee job performance
  8. Intervening role of realized absorptive capacity in organizational culture–open innovation relationship
  9. The Link Between Organisational Citizenship Behaviours and Open Innovation: A Case of Malaysian High-Tech Sector
  10. The link between organisational citizenship behaviours and open innovation: A case of Malaysian high-tech sector
  11. Managerial ties and open innovation: examining the role of absorptive capacity
  12. Effectiveness of innovation protection mechanisms in Malaysian high-tech sector
  13. Impact of adoption of Green IT practices on organizational performance
  14. Organizational culture profile of Malaysian high-tech industries
  15. Facebook usage and academic performance
  16. What organizational culture types enable and retard open innovation?
  17. Do managerial ties support or stifle open innovation?
  18. Open Innovation in SMEs: Drivers and Inhibitors
  19. Relative Capacity: Dimensions and Open Innovation
  20. Competitive Priorities in Malaysian Service Industry
  21. Effects of Managerial Ties and Appropriability Regimes on Open Innovation
  22. Atmospheric Elements and Personality: Impact on Hotel Lobby Impressions
  23. A Study of Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Organizational Structures and Open Innovation
  24. Competitive priorities in Malaysian service industry
  25. Qualitative Study of Prosthetic Suspension Systems on Transtibial Amputees' Satisfaction and Perceived Problems With Their Prosthetic Devices