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  1. Musical aptitude and silent reading fluency
  2. University students’ representations of Europe
  3. Speaking proficiency, emotional understanding, willingness to communicate and musical experience
  4. A Music-Mediated Language Learning Experience
  5. Videoclips y emociones
  6. The influence of musical perception
  7. Phonological processing and foreign language reading
  8. Teacher team coordination practices in secondary CLIL schools
  9. Learner and Teacher Autonomy in Higher Education: Perspectives from Modern Language Teaching
  10. Music and Language Learning
  11. Música para el aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera
  12. Musical plus phonological input for young foreign language readers
  13. Ethics and Spanish journals of communication, education, and psychology: the publishers’ perception
  14. Investigación de excelencia en educación
  15. Ethics of scientific publishing: initiatives and recommendations
  16. Cooperative work and rubrics
  17. Español y medios de comunicación
  18. Melodías en el Discurso Radiofónico Deportivo (Spanish)
  19. Innovación docente universitaria
  20. Docencia Universitaria
  21. Foreign language acquisition and melody singing
  22. Affect in Language Learning