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  1. Characterisation of a novel cellobiose 2-epimerase from thermophilic Caldicellulosiruptor obsidiansis for lactulose production
  2. Heterologous expression and pro-peptide supported refolding of the high specific endopeptidase Lys-C
  3. Batch-to-batch variation and storage stability of the commercial peptidase preparation Flavourzyme in respect of key enzyme activities and its influence on process reproducibility
  4. reduced antigenicity of wheat gluten
  5. Identification of a Novel Di-D-Fructofuranose 1,2’:2,3’ Dianhydride (DFA III) Hydrolysis Enzyme from Arthrobacter aurescens SK8.001
  6. Biodiversity of refrigerated raw milk microbiota and their enzymatic spoilage potential
  7. Quantification of the proteolytic and lipolytic activity of microorganisms isolated from raw milk
  8. Cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs) of PepX and PepN – production, partial characterization and application of combi-CLEAs for milk protein hydrolysis
  9. Isolation and characterisation of a heat-resistant peptidase from Pseudomonas panacis withstanding general UHT processes
  10. Novel high-performance metagenome β-galactosidases for lactose hydrolysis in the dairy industry
  11. Test system for direct measurement of lipase activities in milk samples
  12. Continuous long-term hydrolysis of wheat gluten using a principally food-grade enzyme membrane reactor system
  13. A Sensitive and Robust Method for Direct Determination of Lipolytic Activity in Natural Milk Environment
  14. Flavourzyme, an Enzyme Preparation with Industrial Relevance: Automated Nine-Step Purification and Partial Characterization of Eight Enzymes
  15. Novel cellobiose 2-epimerases for the production of epilactose from milk ultrafiltrate containing lactose
  16. Extracellular peptidases from insect- and compost-associated microorganisms: screening and usage for wheat gluten hydrolysis
  17. Performance of enzymatic wheat gluten hydrolysis in batch and continuous processes using Flavourzyme
  18. PepX from Lactobacillus helveticus: Automated multi-step purification and determination of kinetic parameters with original tripeptide substrates
  19. Partial purification and characterization of Lys-N from Grifola frondosa using a novel, specific assay
  20. Hofmeister Salts Affect Buildup of Thin Multilayer Films Surrounding Oil Droplets
  21. Bacteriophage 933W encodes a functional esterase downstream of the Shiga toxin 2a operon
  22. Stabilization of food dispersions by enzymes
  23. Epilactose production by 2 cellobiose 2-epimerases in natural milk
  24. Impact of Heat and Laccase on the pH and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilized by Adsorbed Biopolymer Nanoparticles
  25. Transglutaminase-induced crosslinking of sodium caseinate stabilized oil droplets in oil-in-water emulsions
  26. Influence of buffer on the preparation of multilayered oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by proteins and polysaccharides
  27. Characterization of the Recombinant Exopeptidases PepX and PepN from Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 12046 Important for Food Protein Hydrolysis
  28. Selective isolation of angiotensin-I-converting enzyme-inhibitory peptides from micellar casein and β-casein hydrolysates via ultrafiltration
  29. Simultaneous monitoring of twelve angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides during enzymatic β-casein hydrolysis using Lactobacillus peptidases
  30. A novel manganese starvation-inducible expression system for Lactobacillus plantarum
  31. Recombinant expression, purification and characterisation of the native glutamate racemase from Lactobacillus plantarum NC8
  32. Bioactive peptides generated in an enzyme membrane reactor using Bacillus lentus alkaline peptidase
  33. Influence of layer thickness and composition of cross-linked multilayered oil-in-water emulsions on the release behavior of lutein
  34. Biotransformation of caffeoyl quinic acids from green coffee extracts by Lactobacillus johnsonii NCC 533
  35. Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids byMortierella alpinaUsing Submerse and Solid State Fermentation
  36. Quantification of lactose using ion-pair RP-HPLC during enzymatic lactose hydrolysis of skim milk
  37. Automated multi-step purification protocol for Angiotensin-I-Converting-Enzyme (ACE)
  38. Isothermal titration calorimetry as a tool to determine the thermodynamics of demicellization processes
  39. Laktosefreie Milchprodukte durch β-Galaktosidasen der nächsten Generation
  40. Recombinant production of hyperthermostable CelB from Pyrococcus furiosus in Lactobacillus sp.
  41. Production, active staining and gas chromatography assay analysis of recombinant aminopeptidase P from Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis DSM 20481
  42. Cross-Linking of Interfacial Layers Affects the Salt and Temperature Stability of Multilayered Emulsions Consisting of Fish Gelatin and Sugar Beet Pectin
  43. Biotransformation of nitriles to hydroxamic acids via a nitrile hydratase–amidase cascade reaction
  44. Controlled Exogenous Enzyme Imbibition and Activation in Whole Chickpea Seed Enzyme Reactor (SER)
  45. Einführung in die Biochemie
  46. Rekombinante Produktion einer thermophilen β-Glycosidase in Lactobacillus plantarum
  47. Quantifizierung von Lactose, Glucose und Galactose in Milch mittels Ionenpaar-HPLC
  48. ChemInform Abstract: Regioselective Synthesis of Sugar Esters Without Catalyst Using α-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids.
  49. Evaluation of ultrasound velocity measurements for estimating protease activities using casein as substrate
  50. Kontinuierliche enzymatische Herstellung von Lactulose
  51. Enantioselective conversion of α-arylnitriles by Klebsiella oxytoca
  52. Biotransformation of nitriles to amides using soluble and immobilized nitrile hydratase from Rhodococcus erythropolis A4
  53. Purification and characterization of a nitrilase from Fusarium solani O1
  54. Heterologe Expression und Charakterisierung einer stereoselektiven Nitril-Hydratase
  55. Performance of d-amino acid oxidase in presence of ionic liquids
  56. Spectrophotometric assay for quantitative determination of 7-aminocephalosporanic acid from direct hydrolysis of cephalosporin C
  57. Stabilization of New Imprint Property of Glucose Oxidase in Pure Aqueous Medium by Cross-Linked-Imprinting Approach
  58. Enzymatic Production and Complete Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Assignment of the Sugar Lactulose
  59. Altering Glucose Oxidase to Oxidize D-Galactose through Crosslinking of Imprinted Protein
  60. Concentration and purification of orotic acid directly from whey with an expanded bed adsorption system
  61. A Homology Model of Penicillin Acylase from Alcaligenes faecalis and In Silico Evaluation of its Selectivity
  62. Stereoselective hydration of (RS)-phenylglycine nitrile by new whole cell biocatalysts
  63. Improvement of enantioselectivity by immobilized imprinting of epoxide hydrolase from Rhodotorula glutinis
  64. Langzeiteinsatz von Biosensor systemen zur Überwachung industrieller Chromatographieprozesse
  65. Crosslinking of imprinted proteases to maintain a tailor-made substrate selectivity in aqueous solutions
  66. Galactosylation of antibiotics using the β-galactosidase from Aspergillus oryzae
  67. Microbial D-Amino Acid Oxidases (EC
  68. Catalytical Potency of β-Glucosidase from the Extremophile Pyrococcus furiosus in Glucoconjugate Synthesis
  69. Capacity of the Yeast Trigonopsis Variabilis (DSM 70714) for the Enantioselective Reduction of Organosilicon Compounds
  70. Production of L-Amino Acids by Applying D-Amino Acid Oxidases
  71. Synthesis of acetyldimethyl(phenyl) silane and its enantioselective conversion into (R)-(1-hydroxyethyl) dimethyl(phenyl) silane by plant cell suspension cultures of Symphytum officinale L. and Ruta graveolens L.
  72. Chiral separation using molecularly imprinted heteroaromatic polymers
  73. Direct enantioseparation of .beta.-adrenergic blockers using a chiral stationary phase prepared by molecular imprinting
  74. A New Enantioselective NAD(P)-dependent Oxidoreductase from Trigonopsis variabilis DSM 70714
  75. Biokatalytische Konversion heimischer Pflanzenöle zu Biotensiden