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  1. Synthesis, antimycobacterial evaluation, and QSAR analysis of meso-dihydroguaiaretic acid derivatives
  2. Synthesis and cytotoxic effect of pregnenolone derivatives with one or two α,β-unsaturated carbonyls and an ester moiety at C-21 or C-3
  3. Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Emissive Molecular Rotors with Four-Component Ugi Stators
  4. Palladium-catalyzed olefin migration and 7- endo - trig cyclization of dehydroalanines
  5. Diversity-oriented synthesis of cyclopropyl peptides from Ugi-derived dehydroalanines
  6. meso -Dihydroguaiaretic acid derivatives with antibacterial and antimycobacterial activity
  7. Mild C( sp 3 )–H functionalization of dihydrosanguinarine and dihydrochelerythrine for development of highly cytotoxic derivatives
  8. Expedited Synthesis of Matrine Analogues through an Oxidative Cascade Addition/Double-Cyclization Radical Process
  9. 10.1039/c6ob02726a
  10. Synthesis of 6-methyl-3,4-dihydropyrazinones using an Ugi 4-CR/allenamide cycloisomerization protocol
  11. Diversity-oriented synthesis and cytotoxic activity evaluation of biaryl-containing macrocycles
  12. Practical synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of the pyrazino[1,2-b]-isoquinoline ring system
  13. Multicomponent access to indolo[3,3a-c]isoquinolin-3,6-diones: formal synthesis of (±)-plicamine
  14. Synthesis of N-methyl-5,6-dihydrobenzo[c]phenanthridine and its sp3 C(6)–H bond functionalization via oxidative cross-dehydrogenative coupling reactions
  15. Multicomponent/Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Entry to Benzopyrrolizidine Derivatives: Synthesis and Antioxidant Evaluation
  16. A C-3-Selective Direct Alkylation of Coumarins by Using a Microwave-Assisted Xanthate-Based Radical Reaction
  17. Synthesis of benzo-fused spiropiperidines through a regioselective free radical-mediated cyclization as key step: a suitable alternative towards the lead σ-1 receptor ligand L-687384
  18. Synthesis of novel tryptamine-based macrocycles using an Ugi 4-CR/microwave assisted click-cycloaddition reaction protocol
  19. 10.1021/acs.joc.5b01742
  20. Ugi-derived dehydroalanines as a pivotal template in the diversity oriented synthesis of aza-polyheterocycles
  21. Concise total synthesis of hericerin natural product
  22. ChemInform Abstract: Two-Step Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydropyrroles via a Formal 5-endo Cycloisomerization of Ugi 4-CR/Propargyl Adducts.
  23. Two-Step Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydropyrroles via a Formal 5-endoCycloisomerization of Ugi 4-CR/Propargyl Adducts
  24. ChemInform Abstract: Microwave-Assisted C-3 Selective Oxidative Radical Alkylation of Flavones.
  25. Synthesis of the AB-DE Ring System Present in the Alstoscholarine Alkaloids
  26. ChemInform Abstract: Base-Free Two-Step Synthesis of 1,3-Diketones and β-Ketoesters from α-Diazocarbonyl Compounds, Trialkylboranes, and Aromatic Aldehydes.
  27. ChemInform Abstract: Expedient Entry to the Piperazinohydroisoquinoline Ring System Using a Sequential Ugi/Pictet-Spengler/Reductive Methylation Reaction Protocol.
  28. ChemInform Abstract: Straightforward Four-Component Access to Spiroindolines.
  29. ChemInform Abstract: A Two-Step Practical Synthesis of Dehydroalanine Derivatives.
  30. ChemInform Abstract: Solvent-Free Oxidative Radical Substitution Process. Synthesis of Pyrrole Fused Systems.
  31. Straightforward four-component access to spiroindolines
  32. Expedient entry to the piperazinohydroisoquinoline ring system using a sequential Ugi/Pictet–Spengler/reductive methylation reaction protocol
  33. Base-free two-step synthesis of 1,3-diketones and β-ketoesters from α-diazocarbonyl compounds, trialkylboranes, and aromatic aldehydes
  34. ChemInform Abstract: New Xanthate-Based Radical Cyclization onto Alkynes.
  35. ChemInform Abstract: Efficient Synthesis of Azaspirodienones by Microwave-Assisted Radical Spirocyclization of Xanthate-Containing Ugi Adducts.
  36. ChemInform Abstract: A Tandem Carbonylation/Cyclization Radical Process of 1-(2-Iodoethyl)indoles and Pyrrole.
  37. ChemInform Abstract: Intramolecular Radical Acylation of 2-Methylsulfonylpyrroles.
  38. ChemInform Abstract: An Easy Entry into Berbane and Alloyohimbane Alkaloids via a 6-exo Radical Cyclization.
  39. ChemInform Abstract: A Short Synthesis of the Erythrina Skeleton and of (.+-.)-α-Lycorane.
  40. Efficient Synthesis of Azaspirodienones by Microwave-Assisted Radical Spirocyclization of Xanthate-Containing Ugi Adducts
  41. New xanthate-based radical cyclization onto alkynes
  42. Synthesis of spiroindolenine derivatives by a tandem radical-oxidation process
  43. ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis of Azepino[4,5-b]indolones via an Intermolecular Radical Oxidative Substitution of N-Boc Tryptamine.
  44. ChemInform Abstract: Microwave‐Assisted Gold(I)‐Catalyzed Pyran Ring Opening in Brevifloralactone (I): Synthesis of the Hawtriwaic Acid Core.
  45. Microwave-assisted gold(I) catalyzed pyran ring opening in brevifloralactone: synthesis of the hawtriwaic acid core
  46. Synthesis of azepino[4,5-b]indolones via an intermolecular radical oxidative substitution of N-Boc tryptamine
  47. ChemInform Abstract: Carbamoyl Radicals from Carbamoylxanthates: A Facile Entry into Isoindolin-1-ones.
  48. Efficient Oxidative Radical Spirolactamization.
  49. Carbamoyl radicals from carbamoylxanthates: a facile entry into isoindolin-1-ones
  50. Highly Regioselective Radical Alkylation of 3-Substituted Pyrroles.
  51. Highly regioselective radical alkylation of 3-substituted pyrroles
  52. Efficient oxidative radical spirolactamization
  53. Ugi/xanthate cyclizations as a radical route to lactam scaffolds
  54. Et3B-Mediated Radical Alkylation of Pyrroles and Indoles.
  55. Et3B-Mediated radical alkylation of pyrroles and indoles
  56. Efficient, “Tin-Free” Radical Cyclization to Aromatic Systems. Synthesis of 5,6,8,9,10,11-Hexahydroindolo[2,1-a]isoquinolines.
  57. Radical Cyclizations to Quinolone and Isoquinolone Systems under Oxidative and Reductive Conditions.
  58. Substitution of β-Nitrostyrenes by Electrophilic Carbon-Centered Radicals.
  59. Substitution of β-nitrostyrenes by electrophilic carbon-centered radicals
  60. Radical cyclizations to quinolone and isoquinolone systems under oxidative and reductive conditions
  61. Efficient, Intermolecular, Oxidative Radical Alkylation of Heteroaromatic Systems under “Tin-Free” Conditions.
  62. Oxidative Radical Cyclization on Enamide Systems Using n-Bu3SnH and Dilauroyl Peroxide.
  63. Oxidative radical cyclization on enamide systems using n-Bu3SnH and dilauroyl peroxide
  64. Tandem radical addition/cyclization of 1-(2-iodoethyl)indoles and pyrroles with methyl acrylate under Fenton-type conditions
  65. Efficient, intermolecular, oxidative radical alkylation of heteroaromatic systems under “tin-free” conditions
  66. A Short Synthesis of the Erythrina Skeleton and of (±)-α-Lycorane
  67. An Easy Entry into Berbane and Alloyohimbane Alkaloids via a 6- exo Radical Cyclization
  68. ChemInform Abstract: A Tandem Radical Addition/Cyclization Process of 1-(2-Iodoethyl)indoles and Methyl Acrylate.
  69. Some mechanistic observations on the borohydride mediated reductive cyclisation of tosylhydrazones
  70. A tandem radical addition/cyclization process of 1-(2-iodoethyl)indoles and methyl acrylate
  71. Intramolecular radical acylation of 2-methylsulfonylpyrroles
  72. A tandem carbonylation/cyclization radical process of 1-(2-iodoethyl)indoles and pyrrole