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  1. Neptunyl(vi) centred visible LMCT emission directly observable in the presence of uranyl(vi)
  2. U(VI) behaviour in hyperalkaline calcite systems
  3. Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy as tools for monitoring redox transformations of uranium in biological systems
  4. A cyclometallated fluorenyl Ir(iii) complex as a potential sensitiser for two-photon excited photodynamic therapy (2PE-PDT)
  5. Redox and environmentally relevant aspects of actinide(IV) coordination chemistry
  6. Ratiometric detection of enzyme turnover and flavin reduction using rare-earth upconverting phosphors
  7. Lanthanide Speciation in Potential SANEX and GANEX Actinide/Lanthanide Separations Using Tetra-N-Donor Extractants
  8. Emission spectroscopy of uranium(iv) compounds: a combined synthetic, spectroscopic and computational study
  9. CHAPTER 6. F‐block Elements Recovery
  10. ChemInform Abstract: Hetero-Polymetallic Complexes Incorporating Luminescent Lanthanide Ions
  11. Luminescence and upconversion from thulium(iii) species in solution
  12. The first structural and spectroscopic study of a paramagnetic 5f DO3A complex
  13. Hetero-Polymetallic Complexes Incorporating Luminescent Lanthanide Ions
  14. Hetero-Polymetallic Complexes Incorporating Luminescent Lanthanide Ions
  15. An aryl-phosphonate appended macrocyclic platform for lanthanide based bimodal imaging agents
  16. Lanthanide complexes of DOTA monoamide derivatives bearing an isophthalate pendent arm
  17. Probing the local coordination environment and nuclearity of uranyl(vi) complexes in non-aqueous media by emission spectroscopy
  18. Probing the Structure, Conformation, and Stereochemical Exchange in a Family of Lanthanide Complexes Derived from Tetrapyridyl-Appended Cyclen
  19. Luminescence from the ligand to metal charge transfer state of the neptunyl (V) ion and its complexes in solution
  20. Two-photon luminescence from polar bis-terpyridyl-stilbene derivatives of Ir(iii) and Ru(ii)
  21. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies on Azo-Dye Derivatives of Polymetallic Lanthanide Complexes: Using Diazotization to Link Metal Complexes Together
  22. Controlled preparation of a heterometallic lanthanide complex containing different lanthanides in symmetrical binding pockets
  23. Sensitised luminescence in lanthanide containing arrays and d–f hybrids
  24. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Properties of a Prototype Single Molecule Dual Imaging Agent Comprising a Heterobimetallic Rhenium−Gadolinium Complex
  25. Luminescent Dinuclear Lanthanide Complexes of 5-Me-HXTA
  26. Synthesis and Structure of a Stable Pentavalent-Uranyl Coordination Polymer
  27. Group I cation templated formation of luminescent mono- and bis-substituted thionaphthol heterobimetallic complexes of Pr, Nd, Eu and Tb
  28. Fixation of atmospheric CO2by a dimeric lanthanum hydroxide complex; assembly of an unusual hexameric carbonate
  29. Practical Synthetic Routes to Solvates of U(OTf) 3 : X-ray Crystal Structure of [U(OTf) 3 (MeCN) 3 ] n , a Unique U(III) Coordination Polymer
  30. Controlled Hydrolysis of Lanthanide Complexes of the N-Donor Tripod Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine versus Bisligand Complex Formation
  31. Synthesis and luminescence studies of mono- and C3-symmetric, tris(ligand) complexes of Sm(iii), Y(iii) and Eu(iii) with sulfur-bridged binaphtholate ligands
  32. Group 4 Complexes of Chelating Dianionic [OSO] Binaphtholate Ligands; Synthesis and Alkene Polymerisation Catalysis
  33. Synthesis of mono- and di-potassium salts and methoxy adducts of sulfur-bridged biphenols by selective deprotonationElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: full characterisation for all complexes described and packing diagrams for 3 and 5...
  34. Mechanistic insight into the lanthanide (iii) salt catalysed monoacylation of symmetrical diols from structural modelsElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: experimental details. See
  35. Symmetric and asymmetric samarium alkoxide derivatives of bridging sulfur biphenolate and binaphtholate ligands; synthetic, structural, and catalytic studies