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  1. A free toolkit to foster open access agreements
  2. How the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated an e-book crisis and the #ebooksos campaign for reform
  3. Enabling smaller independent publishers to participate in Open Access transformative arrangements
  4. COUNTER 5: Lessons Learned and New Insights Achieved
  5. Open Access business model overview for society publishers and other small and medium publishers
  6. How libraries can help publishers achieve open access through new types of deals.
  7. UKSG Annual Conference 2018
  8. Editorial
  9. The COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5
  10. In this editorial we highlight the articles we published in Insights between July and November 2018.
  11. Editorial
  12. COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5
  13. People in the News: Colleen Campbell
  14. Editorial
  15. Six students and early career professionals at the 2017 UKSG Conference and Exhibition
  16. Editorial
  17. People in the News: Sarah Wickham
  18. People in the News: Henry Owino and Katarzyna Dudek
  19. Researchers frustrations with scholarly communication systems
  20. Editorial
  21. People in the News: Ben Hudson
  22. Explains Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice
  23. Editorial
  24. People in the News: Sarah Bull
  25. Editorial
  26. UKSG Annual Conference 2016
  27. People in the News: The Kudos team
  28. Editorial
  29. Data That Counts, Charleston Conference 2015
  30. The Secret Life of Articles: From Download Metrics to Downstream Impact
  31. People in the News: Lorraine Estelle
  32. Editorial
  33. People in the News: Ginny Hendricks
  34. People’s John Jardine
  35. Editorial
  36. People in the News: John Scally
  37. Editorial
  38. The British National Approach to Scholarly Communication
  39. Editorial
  40. Editorial
  41. Editorial
  42. Editorial
  43. The effect the changing digital landscape is having on the dissemination of e-books and e-journals in a world dominated by Google
  44. Digital Information: Order or Anarchy?20115Edited by Hazel Woodward and Lorraine Estelle. Digital Information: Order or Anarchy?. London: Facet Publishing 2010. , ISBN: 9781856046800
  45. Digital Information: Order or anarchy?
  46. The National E-Books Observatory Project: Examining Student Behaviors and Usage
  47. Cost-effective decision-making in collection building
  48. JISC national e-books observatory: initial findings from the project and how we might use them
  49. Profile: Lorraine Estelle
  50. NESLi2: a report on progress