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  1. A free toolkit to foster open access agreements
  2. Time is a thief of memory
  3. Academic scholarship preserved
  4. Open Access business model overview for society publishers and other small and medium publishers
  5. Will the coronavirus slow open access – and is the answer different for books and journals?
  6. How libraries can help publishers achieve open access through new types of deals.
  7. Adaptations in Publishing--Publishers and Librarians Advancing Research
  8. Text and Data Mining Contracts: The Issues and Needs
  9. ATG Interviews Alicia Wise, Director of Access and Policy, Elsevier
  10. Alicia Wise Profile
  11. Open Access, Public Access: Policies, Implementation, Developments, and the Future of U.S.-Published Research
  12. Open Access from a Publisher's Perspective
  13. Profile
  14. Elsevier statement on Research4Life
  15. 21st-century rights management: why does it matter and what is being done?
  16. An Industry Copyright Infringement Portal to Combat Online Piracy
  17. Publishers work together to provide electronic access to authoritative publications for the Research Assessment Exercise
  18. The economics of copyright
  19. Virtual learning environments: setting the scene
  20. Joint Information Systems Committee
  21. Are digital library resources useful for learners and researchers?
  22. Mark Gillings and Alicia Wise, eds, GIS Guide to Good Practice. (Archaeological Data Service, Oxford: Oxbow Books, 1999, 88 pp., pbk, ISBN 1 900188 69 4)
  23. ATHENS, gateways, and portals: components of the Distributed National Electronic Resource
  24. A distributed national electronic resource for UK higher and further education institutions
  25. The view from archaeology
  26. Why metadata matters in archaeology
  27. A Cross-Sectional Developmental Study of the Social Relations of Students Who Enter College Early