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  1. The influence of political disagreements and corruption on COVID-19 response in Brazil
  2. The impact of COVID-19 childhood and adolescent vaccination on mortality in Argentina
  3. When Tweets Get Viral - A Deep Learning Approach for Stance Analysis of Covid-19 Vaccines Tweets by Brazilian Political Elites
  4. Analyzing Brazil's COVID-19 Molecular Testing Strategy Across Three Pandemic Waves
  5. Early warning systems to detect SARS-CoV-2 among international travelers in early 2020 in Brazil
  6. Uncovering inequities in Covid-19 vaccine coverage for adults and elderly in Brazil: A multilevel study of 2021–2022 data
  7. Spatial clusters and social inequities in Covid-19 vaccine coverage among children in Brazil
  8. Monkeypox in Brazil between stigma, politics, and structural shortcomings: have we not been here before?
  9. A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat
  10. Government inaction on COVID-19 vaccines contributes to the persistence of childism in Brazil
  11. Evaluation of the effectiveness of surveillance policies to control the COVID-19 pandemic in São Paulo, Brazil
  12. Political science and global health policy
  13. School reopening and COVID-19 in Brazil
  14. The Relationship between Ideology and COVID-19 Deaths: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know
  15. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Surveillance Policies to Control the COVID-19 Pandemic in São Paulo, Brazil
  16. The auxílio emergencial and stringent social distancing policies in Brazil: the impact on mobility and non-work travel outside the home
  17. The political science of Covid‐19: An introduction
  18. Should I stay or should I go? Embracing causal heterogeneity in the study of pandemic policy and citizen behavior
  19. Brazil needs a coordinated and cooperative approach to tackle COVID-19
  20. Spatiotemporal pattern of COVID-19 spread in Brazil
  21. The effect of state-level social distancing policy stringency on mobility in the states of Brazil
  22. Political and institutional perils of Brazil's COVID-19 crisis
  23. Economic Voting in Brazil’s Gubernatorial Elections, 1994–2014
  24. Expert-Driven and Citational Approaches to Assessing Journal Publications of Brazilian Political Scientists
  25. Governance in managing public health resources in Brazilian municipalities
  26. Debating U.S.-Cuban Relations
  27. Local economic development: Theory, evidence, and implications for policy in Brazil