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  1. Interfering with HuR–RNA Interaction: Design, Synthesis and Biological Characterization of Tanshinone Mimics as Novel, Effective HuR Inhibitors
  2. Investigating the Interaction of Cyclic RGD Peptidomimetics with αVβ6 Integrin by Biochemical and Molecular Docking Studies
  3. Regulation of HuR structure and function by dihydrotanshinone-I
  4. 4-Connected azabicyclo[5.3.0]decane Smac mimetics-Zn 2+ chelators as dual action antitumoral agents
  5. Integrin-targeted peptide- and peptidomimetic-drug conjugates for the treatment of tumors
  6. Dual action Smac mimetics–zinc chelators as pro-apoptotic antitumoral agents
  7. New potent αvβ3 integrin ligands based on azabicycloalkane (γ,α)-dipeptide mimics
  8. Computational design of novel peptidomimetic inhibitors of cadherin homophilic interactions
  9. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel dimeric and tetrameric cRGD–paclitaxel conjugates for integrin-assisted drug delivery
  10. Enhancement of the Uptake and Cytotoxic Activity of Doxorubicin in Cancer Cells by Novel cRGD-Semipeptide-Anchoring Liposomes
  11. Synthesis and biological evaluation of dual actioncyclo-RGD/SMAC mimetic conjugates targeting αvβ3/αvβ5integrins and IAP proteins
  12. Iron Oxide-Gold Core-Shell Nanoparticles as Multimodal Imaging Contrast Agent
  13. MicroPET/CT imaging of αvβ3 integrin via a novel 68Ga-NOTA-RGD peptidomimetic conjugate in rat myocardial infarction
  14. Molecular Targeting of Imaging and Drug Delivery Probes in Atherosclerosis
  15. Homo- and heterodimeric Smac mimetics/IAP inhibitors as in vivo-active pro-apoptotic agents. Part I: Synthesis
  16. Dimeric Smac mimetics/IAP inhibitors as in vivo-active pro-apoptotic agents. Part II: Structural and biological characterization
  17. Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel cRGD–Paclitaxel Conjugates for Integrin-Assisted Drug Delivery
  18. Synthesis of Gd and68Ga Complexes in Conjugation with a Conformationally Optimized RGD Sequence as Potential MRI and PET Tumor-Imaging Probes
  19. A new optical imaging probe targeting αVβ3 integrin in glioblastoma xenografts
  20. Characterization of iron oxide-gold core-shell multifunctional nanoparticles in biomedical imaging
  21. Cyclic RGD Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeting
  22. Novel second mitochondria-derived activator of caspases (Smac) mimetic compounds sensitize human leukemic cell lines to conventional chemotherapeutic drug-induced and death receptor-mediated apoptosis
  23. Novel SMAC-mimetics synergistically stimulate melanoma cell death in combination with TRAIL and Bortezomib
  24. Cyclic RGD-Peptidomimetics Containing Bifunctional Diketopiperazine Scaffolds as New Potent Integrin Ligands
  25. Structural Basis for Bivalent Smac-Mimetics Recognition in the IAP Protein Family
  26. Functionalized Cyclic RGD Peptidomimetics: Conjugable ligands for α v β 3 Receptor Imaging
  27. Rational design, synthesis and characterization of potent, non-peptidic Smac mimics/XIAP inhibitors as proapoptotic agents for cancer therapy
  28. Cyclic RGD-Containing Functionalized Azabicycloalkane Peptides as Potent Integrin Antagonists for Tumor Targeting
  29. 4-Aminoproline-based arginine-glycine-aspartate integrin binders with exposed ligation points: practical in-solution synthesis, conjugation and binding affinity evaluation
  30. Designing Smac-mimetics as antagonists of XIAP, cIAP1, and cIAP2
  31. Targeting the X-Linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein through 4-Substituted Azabicyclo[5.3.0]alkane Smac Mimetics. Structure, Activity, and Recognition Principles
  32. A Potent Integrin Antagonist from a Small Library of Cyclic RGD Pentapeptide Mimics Including Benzyl-Substituted Azabicycloalkane Amino Acids
  33. Nonpeptide Integrin Antagonists: RGD Mimetics Incorporating Substituted Azabicycloalkanes as Amino Acid Replacements
  34. Click chemistry to functionalise peptidomimetics
  35. Froc: A New Fluorous Protective Group for Peptide and Oligosaccharide Synthesis †
  36. Targeting integrins: Insights into structure and activity of cyclic RGD pentapeptide mimics containing azabicycloalkane amino acids
  37. Synthesis of Functionalized Azabicycloalkane Amino Acids as Dipeptide Mimics
  38. Biological and molecular properties of a new  v 3/ v 5 integrin antagonist
  39. Synthesis of some oligopyridine–galactose conjugates and their metal complexes: a simple entry to multivalent sugar ligands
  40. Functionalized Azabicycloalkane Amino Acids by Nitrone 1,3-Dipolar Intramolecular Cycloaddition
  41. Synthesis of the Lewis a Trisaccharide Based on an Anomeric Silyl Fluorous Tag.
  42. Synthesis of the Lewis a Trisaccharide Based on an Anomeric Silyl Fluorous Tag
  43. Stereoselective synthesis of Cα-tetrasubstituted azabicyclo[X.3.0]alkane amino acids
  44. The first example of ring-closing olefin metathesis of dehydroamino acids: an application to the synthesis of azabicyclo[X.Y.0]alkanes
  45. Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted and Optically Pure Analogues of Serine-Proline Dipeptide via Aldol Condensation
  46. Synthesis of Conformationally Restricted and Optically Pure Analogues of Serine­-Proline Dipeptide via Aldol Condensation
  47. Design, Synthesis, Conformational Analysis and Application of Azabicyclo­alkane Amino Acids as Constrained Dipeptide Mimics
  48. Synthesis of substituted conformationally constrained 6,5- and 7,5-fused bicyclic lactams as dipeptide mimics
  49. Synthesis of new bicyclic lactam peptidomimetics by ring-closing metathesis reactions
  50. Mimics of ganglioside GM1 as cholera toxin ligands: replacement of the GalNAc residueElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: synthetic details, product characterisations and full NOE contact list. See
  51. Rapid synthesis of oligosaccharides using an anomeric fluorous silyl protecting groupElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: experimental data. See
  52. Stereoselective Synthesis of a Functionalized 2-Oxo-1-azabicyclo[5.3.0]alkane as a Potential Scaffold for Targeted Chemotherapy Strategies
  53. Cyclic RGD Peptides Containing Azabicycloalkane Reverse-Turn Mimics
  54. Stereoselective Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Cyclohexanediols:  A Set of Molecular Scaffolds for the Synthesis of Glycomimetics
  55. Practical stereoselective synthesis of conformationally constrained unnatural proline-based amino acids and peptidomimetics
  56. Potent Integrin Antagonists from a Small Library of RGD-Including Cyclic Pseudopeptides
  57. Synthesis of spiroazabicycloalkane amino acid scaffolds as reverse-turn inducer dipeptide mimics
  58. ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis of 8,5-Fused Bicyclic Lactam by Stereo- and Regioselective Radical Cyclization.
  59. Conformational Analysis of Azabicycloalkane Amino Acid Scaffolds as Reverse-Turn Inducer Dipeptide Mimics
  60. Conformational Analysis of Azabicycloalkane Amino Acid Scaffolds as Reverse-Turn Inducer Dipeptide Mimics
  61. Synthesis of Azabicycloalkane Amino Acid Scaffolds as Reverse-Turn Inducer Dipeptide Mimics
  62. Synthesis of Azabicycloalkane Amino Acid Scaffolds as Reverse-Turn Inducer Dipeptide Mimics
  63. Synthesis of a Pseudo Tetrasaccharide Mimic of Ganglioside GM1
  64. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptides Containing Reverse-Turn Mimetic Bicyclic Lactams
  65. Synthesis of N-acetylglucosamine containing Lewis A and Lewis X building blocks based on N-tetrachlorophthaloyl protection—synthesis of Lewis X pentasaccharide
  66. Stereoselective synthesis of 6,5-bicyclic reverse-turn peptidomimetics
  67. Synthesis of Lewis a and Lewis X Pentasaccharides Based on N-Trichloroethoxycarbonyl Protection
  68. Diastereoselective addition of metal-coordinated and “naked” nucleophilic reagents to norephedrine derived 2-acyl-N-tosyl-oxazolidines
  69. N-Trichloroethoxycarbonyl-glucosamine derivatives as glycosyl donors
  70. A Practical Way to 2,5-Disubstituted Pyrrolidine Derivatives
  71. Diastereoselective Addition of Organometallic Reagents to Nor-Ephedrine-Derived 2-Acyl-N-Tosyl-Oxazolidines
  72. Conformationally constrained dipeptides: Synthesis of 7,5- and 6,5-fused bicyclic lactams by stereoselective radical cyclizations
  73. Synthesis of 7,5-fused bicyclic lactams by stereoselective radical cyclization
  74. The first asymmetric synthesis of enantiopure .alpha.-sulfenyl dithioacetals and .alpha.-sulfenyl aldehydes
  75. Asymmetric Synthesis of Enantiopure α-Sulfenyl Dithioacetals and α-Sulfenyl Aldehydes
  76. Diastereoselective addition of metal-coordinated and ‘naked’ tri-sec-butylborohydrides to a norephedrine-derived 2-acetyloxazolidine