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  1. Design, Development and Thermal Analysis of Reusable Li-Ion Battery Module for Future Mobile and Stationary Applications
  2. Gold free ohmic contact electrode for n-doped silicon without annealing.
  3. use of metal oxides for Si based solar cells.
  4. K-bar wire-wound deposition of doped and undoped NiO thin films
  5. Stability of amorphous carbon
  6. Tin-Silicon films for Li-Ions batteries.
  7. Stability study: Transparent conducting oxides in chemically reactive plasmas
  8. A study of selenium nanoparticles as charge storage element for flexible semi-transparent memory devices
  9. Silicon nano-wires coated with silicon-dioxide layer
  10. In-situ catalyst mediated growth and self-doped silicon nanowires for use in nanowire solar cells
  11. A Study in Pursuit of Precise Substrate Selection for Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Diamond-Like Carbon Films
  12. Investigation of optical properties of nickel oxide thin films deposited on different substrates
  13. Substrate selection for the optical analysis of nickel oxide thin films
  14. Growth of low temperature silicon nano-structures for electronic and electrical energy generation applications