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  1. New algorithm for automatic impedance analysis using simple artificial intelligence function
  2. High-pressure synthesis of a 12CaO·7Al2 O3 -12SrO·7Al2 O3 solid solution
  3. Electrical properties of murataite modules with complex and large-volume fluorite-type superstructures
  4. Effect of cation doping on ionic conductivity and crystal structure of oxyapatite-type lanthanum silicates
  5. New impedance analysis software by applying a guraphic user interface
  6. Chemically stable Dy–Y double substituted barium zirconate with high proton conductivity and improved sinterability
  7. Surface Modification of Complex Oxide Powder with Polyelectrolyte Layers Improving EPD Characteristics
  8. Bi4Ge3O12 synthesis in the beaker at room temperature under atmospheric pressure
  9. Sinterable Powder Fabrication and the Oxygen-ion Conductivity of Lanthanum Silicate Oxyapatite
  10. Sinterable powder fabrication of lanthanum silicate oxyapatite based on solid-state reaction method
  11. Research and Development of the Coprecipitation Process for Lanthanum Germanate Oxyapatite
  12. Low Temperature Synthesis of Lanthanum Silicate Apatite Type by Modified Sol Gel Process
  13. Chemical Reactivity and Cathode Properties of LaCoO3 on Lanthanum Silicate Oxyapatite Electrolyte
  14. Magnesium ion distribution and defect concentrations of MgO-doped lanthanum silicate oxyapatite
  15. Development of New Synthesis Route of Lanthanum Germanate Oxyapatite from Homogeneous Aqueous Solution
  16. Doped Germanate-Based Apatites as Electrolyte for Use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  17. The effect of local structure on ionic conductivity of apatite-type La9.5Si6O26.25
  18. Unconventional upright layer orientation and considerable enhancement of proton–electron conductivity in Dion–Jacobson perovskite thin films
  19. Discovery of new compound, BiGeO2(OH)2(NO3)
  20. Low-Tepmerature Synthesis Process of Lanthanum Germanate Oxyapatite by Citrate Combustion Method
  21. Research progress in nondoped lanthanoid silicate oxyapatites as new oxygen-ion conductors
  22. Rudimental research progress of rare-earth silicate oxyapatites: their identification as a new compound until discovery of their oxygen ion conductivity
  23. Surface Structures and Electrochemical Activity of Palladium–Niobium Binary Alloy Electrodes, and Glucose Biosensor with Palladium–Niobium Binary Alloy Electrode
  24. Theoretical modeling of electrode impedance for an oxygen ion conductor and metallic electrode system based on the interfacial conductivity theory. Part II: Case of the limiting process by non-steady-state surface diffusion
  25. Surface morphological structures and electrochemical activity properties of iridium–niobium binary alloy electrodes
  26. Theoretical modeling of electrode impedance for an oxygen ion conductor and metallic electrode system based on the interfacial conductivity theory
  27. Electrical conductivity and X-ray diffraction analysis of oxyapatite-type lanthanum silicate and neodymium silicate solid solution
  28. Phase relationships in the quasi-ternary LaO1.5–SiO2–MgO system at 1773 K
  29. Fabrication of Ceria- and Lanthanium Gallate-based Solid Electrolyte Layers on Porous NiO-YSZ by Sequential Electrophoretic Deposition Process
  30. Low-temperature formation of Ln silicate oxyapatite (Ln=La and Nd) by the water-based sol–gel method
  31. Electrophretic Deposition of LDC/LSGM/LDC Tri-layers on NiO-YSZ for Anode-supported SOFC
  32. Powder neutron diffraction of La-apatite under low temperature
  33. Water-Based Soft Chemical Synthesis of Apatite Type Lanthanum Silicate Powder in Nano-Scale
  34. Fabrication of GDC/LSGM/GDC tri-layers on polypyrrole-coated NiO-YSZ by electrophoretic deposition for anode-supported SOFC
  35. Electrical Transport and Electric Power Generation Properties of Lanthanum Silicate Oxyapatite Ceramics Prepared by a Sol-gel Method
  36. Water-based sol–gel synthesis and crystal structure refinement of lanthanum silicate apatite
  37. Structural study and proton transport of bulk nanograined Y-doped BaZrO3 oxide protonics materials
  38. Oxygen Permeation and Electrical Transport Properties of 70 vol. % Bi
  39. Hydrogen Gas Diffusion Electrode Prepared from Porous Carbon Spheres Dispersed with Pd–Ag Alloy Nanoparticles
  40. Proton incorporation and defect chemistry of Yb-doped BaPrO3
  41. Impregnation of metal carbides in Raney Ni–PTFE hydrogen electrodes
  42. Preparation of Porous Carbon Spheres Dispersed with Pd–Ag Alloy Nanoparticles
  43. Structural changes of a Pd-based membrane during direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol
  44. Design of one-component ceramic membrane-reactor for natural gas conversion
  45. Synthesis and oxygen permeation properties of 75 mol% Ce0.75Nd0.25O1.875–25 mol% Nd1.8Ce0.2CuO4 composite
  46. Preparation of palladium film by coating photolysis process using KrF or ArF excimer laser
  47. Ester Condensation from a Stoichiometric Mixture of a Carboxylic Acid and an Alcohol at 313 K Assisted by Pervaporation via Zeolite Membranes
  48. Oxygen permeation and electrical transport properties of 60 vol.% Bi1.6Y0.4O3 and 40 vol.% Ag composite prepared by the sol?gel method
  49. Electronic Structure of Ce1-xNdxO2-δProbed by Soft-X-Ray Spectroscopy
  51. Electronic structures in the bulk and surface states of protonic conductor CaZrO3 by soft-X-ray spectroscopy
  52. Band Structure of TiO2-Doped Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Probed by Soft-X-Ray Spectroscopy
  53. Theoretical V–I characteristics of the solid-oxide thermocell using the oxide ion and electronic mixed conductors
  54. Electronic structures of protonic conductors SrTiO3 and SrCeO3 by O 1s X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  56. Electronic Structure in the Bulk State of Protonic Conductor CaZrO3 by Resonant Soft-X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy
  57. Thermoelectric power of titanate and ferrite with the cubic perovskite structure
  58. Thermoelectric properties and defect structure of La0.45Nd0.45Sr0.1FeO3−δ
  59. Calculation of the density of states of transition metal monosilicides by a first-principle pseudopotential method using plane-wave basis
  60. Hole-state and defect structure of proton conductor SrTiO3 observed by high-resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  61. Electronic transport properties and electronic structure of InO1.5-doped CaZrO3
  62. Electronic transport properties and electronic structure of TiO2-doped YSZ
  63. Electronic structure in the band gap of lightly dopedSrTiO3by high-resolution x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  64. Photoemission Study on Protonic Conductor CaZrO3: Evidence of the Exchange Mechanism of Proton and Hole
  65. Electrical transport properties of calcium zirconate at high temperature
  66. Total Electrical Conductivity Measurements of TiO2 Doped YSZ Ceramics
  67. Phase Relation of ZrO2-YO1.5-TiO2 Ceramics Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
  68. Metastable Phase Relationship in the ZrO2-YO1.5, ZrO2-TiO2 and YO1.5-TiO2 Systems
  69. Electronic conductivity measurements of 5 mol% TiO2-doped YSZ by a d.c.-polarization technique
  70. Electronic Transport Properties ofZrTiO4at High Temperature