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  1. Teaching BSW Students to Apply the Grand Challenges in Social Work Through Field-Based Research Projects
  2. Family Conundrums with Psychiatric Medication: An Inquiry into Experiences, Beliefs, and Desires
  3. Individual Factors Associated with Women’s Use of Mental Health Services during Incarceration: Targeting Programmatic Resources
  4. Teaching Social Work Research through the Lens of Social Justice, Human Rights, and Diversity
  5. A Recovery Perspective on Wellness: Connection, Awareness, Congruence
  6. Professional identity and shared decision-making among psychiatry residents
  7. Psychotropic Medication Experiences of Incarcerated Women: A Qualitative Inquiry into Conundrums of Access and Identity
  8. Incarcerated Women’s Experiences and Beliefs About Psychotropic Medication: An Empirical Study
  9. A Psychiatric Medication Decision Support Guide for Social Work Practice with Pregnant and Postpartum Women
  10. Psychiatric Medication and Meaning-Making in a Residential Program for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
  11. Psychopharmacological Treatment for Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders
  12. Review of <em>Mental Disorders in the Social Environment.</em> Stuart A. Kirk (Ed.). Reviewed by Kia J. Bentley.
  13. Social Work Roles and Activities Regarding Psychiatric Medication: Results of a National Survey
  14. Professional Dissonance: Colliding Values and Job Tasks in Mental Health Practice
  15. Review of <em>Refusing Care: Forced Treatment and the Rights of the Mentally Ill.</em> Elyn R. Saks. Reviewed by Kai J. Bentley.
  16. Empowering our own: Peer leadership training for a drop-in center.
  17. Women's Issues and Social Work Accreditation: A Status Report
  18. Psychopharmacological Treatment of Schizophrenia: What Social Workers Need to Know
  19. Supports for Community-Based Mental Health Care
  20. Women as Social Work Scholars: An Empirical Analysis
  21. Review of <em>Out of Bedlam: The Truth about Deinstitutionalization.</em> Ann Braden Johnson. Reviewed by Kia J. Bentley, Virginia Commonwealth University
  22. Voluntary Recruitment of Psychiatric Patients for Clinical Research