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  1. Double control strategy of PMSM rotor speed-based traction drive using resolver
  2. Review of the Most Recent Articles in Fault Tolerant Control of Power Plants 2018 – 2022
  3. Solar cell split source inverter for induction motor with computer control
  4. V/F control of AC motor using intelligent techniques
  5. Robot control and kinematic analysis with 6DoF
  6. Design and Implementation of Submarine Robot with Video Monitoring for Body Detection Based on Microcontroller
  7. Computer Based Control For Compensation of Power System Application
  8. Evaluation of energy-saving potential for optimal time response of HVAC control system in smart buildings
  9. Induction motor fault detection based on multi-sensory control and wavelet analysis
  10. Design and Implement of Dual Axis Solar Tracker System Based Arduino
  11. Effect of fuzzy PID controller on feedback control systems based on wireless sensor network
  12. Computer control of teaching enhancement by communication networked
  13. Intelligent Controller for 7-DOF Manipulator Based upon Virtual Reality Model
  14. DTC Controller Variable Speed Drive of Induction Motor with Signal Processing Technique
  15. Multilevel Inverter Fault-Tolerant Control with Wavelet Index in Induction Motor
  16. Design and Analysis of Robot PID Controller Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
  17. Computer Simulation of PMSM Motor with Five Phase Inverter Control using Signal Processing Techniques
  18. Nonlinear Compensation Empyoing Matrix Converter with DTC Controller
  19. Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  20. Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor with Matrix Converter
  21. Sliding Mode Control
  22. Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control Into Chattering-Free IM Drive
  23. Wavelet-based prognosis
  24. New vector-radix algorithm for computing two-dimensional discrete Hartley transform
  25. Static DC Motor Speed Controlled Parameters Correction
  26. Wavelet based prognosis for fault tolerant control of induction motor with stator and speed sensor faults
  27. Adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode control into chattering-free induction motor drive
  28. Sensor and Sensorless Fault Tolerant Control for Induction Motors Using a Wavelet Index
  29. Fault tolerant control of induction motor through observer techniques II
  30. Induction motor fault tolerant control with wavelet indicator
  31. Wavelet Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor
  32. Fault Tolerant Control of Induction Motor
  33. Modelling and PID controller design for a quadrotor unmanned air vehicle
  34. Modeling and Control of the Saturation’s Transformer
  35. Simulink representation of induction motor reference frames
  36. Indirect vector control of a variable frequency induction motor drive (VCIMD)