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  1. Simple in‐field evaluation of moisture content in curing forage using normalized differece vegetation index (NDVI)
  2. Effect of varying fermentation conditions with ensiling period and inoculum on photosynthetic pigments and phytol content in Italian ryegrass ( Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silage
  3. Assessing the spatial dispersion of products of the fumarolic activity using remotely sensed snow color in an alpine environment
  4. MODIS-Based Investigation of Flood Areas in Southern Cambodia from 2002–2013
  5. Laboratory Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Genetic Algorithm-Based Partial Least Squares Regression for Assessing the Soil Phosphorus Content of Upland and Lowland Rice Fields in Madagascar
  6. The Relationship between the Physical Quality of Rice and the Market Price: A Case Study in Savannakhet, Laos, Using a Bayesian Approach
  7. Canopy Hyperspectral Sensing of Paddy Fields at the Booting Stage and PLS Regression can Assess Grain Yield
  8. Low-cost visible and near-infrared camera on an unmanned aerial vehicle for assessing the herbage biomass and leaf area index in an Italian ryegrass field
  9. A simple visible and near-infrared (V-NIR) camera system for monitoring the leaf area index and growth stage of Italian ryegrass
  10. Vis-NIR Spectroscopy and PLS Regression with Waveband Selection for Estimating the Total C and N of Paddy Soils in Madagascar
  11. Retrieval of Chlorophyll-a and Total Suspended Solids Using Iterative Stepwise Elimination Partial Least Squares (ISE-PLS) Regression Based on Field Hyperspectral Measurements in Irrigation Ponds in Higashihiroshima, Japan
  12. Spring growth stage detection in Italian ryegrass field using a ground-based camera system
  13. Methodology to predict the spatial distribution of cattle dung using manageable factors and a Bayesian approach
  14. MODIS normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and vegetation phenology dynamics in the Inner Mongolia grassland
  15. Spectral Index for Quantifying Leaf Area Index of Winter Wheat by Field Hyperspectral Measurements: A Case Study in Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan
  16. doi:10.3390/rs70505329
  17. A preliminarily study for predicting body weight and milk properties in lactating Holstein cows using a three-dimensional camera system
  18. Preliminary study to predict the spatial distribution of dung from beef cattle in a slope-grazed pasture
  19. Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Effects on Water Quality in Cheung Ek Lake using ASTER Images
  20. Use of a hand-held crop growth measuring device to estimate forage crude protein mass of pasture
  21. Genetic algorithm-based partial least squares regression for estimating legume content in a grass-legume mixture using field hyperspectral measurements
  22. Distinguishing Cattle Foraging Activities Using an Accelerometry-Based Activity Monitor
  23. Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveals Pleistocene divergence and subsequent secondary contact of two genetic lineages of the tropical rainforest tree speciesShorea leprosula(Dipterocarpaceae) in South-East Asia
  24. Evaluation of ASTER GDEM2 in Comparison with GDEM1, SRTM DEM and Topographic-Map-Derived DEM Using Inundation Area Analysis and RTK-dGPS Data
  25. Hyperspectral Reflectance Response of Seagrass (Enhalus acoroides) and Brown Algae (Sargassum sp.) to Nutrient Enrichment at Laboratory Scale
  26. Not an ancient relic: the endemic Livistona palms of arid central Australia could have been introduced by humans
  27. Thematic information content assessment of the ASTER GDEM: a case study of watershed delineation in West Java, Indonesia
  28. Estimating the spatial distribution of green herbage biomass and quality by geostatistical analysis with field hyperspectral measurements
  29. A grassland ecosystem model of the Xilingol steppe, Inner Mongolia, China
  30. Waveband selection using a phased regression with a bootstrap procedure for estimating legume content in a mixed sown pasture
  31. Escherichia Coli and Biophysicochemical Relationships of Seawater and Water Pollution Index in the Jakarta Bay
  32. Potential for spectral indices to remotely sense phosphorus and potassium content of legume-based pasture as a means of assessing soil phosphorus and potassium fertility status
  33. Mapping herbage biomass and nitrogen status in an Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum L.) field using a digital video camera with balloon system
  34. Testing genetic algorithm as a tool to select relevant wavebands from field hyperspectral data for estimating pasture mass and quality in a mixed sown pasture using partial least squares regression
  35. Utilization by cattle of a pasture including aged hilly sections
  36. Field radiometer with canopy pasture probe as a potential tool to estimate and map pasture biomass and mineral components: A case study in the Lake Taupo catchment, New Zealand
  37. Development of an automatic classification system for eating, ruminating and resting behavior of cattle using an accelerometer
  38. Estimating forage biomass and quality in a mixed sown pasture based on partial least squares regression with waveband selection
  39. Grassland degradation in China: Methods of monitoring, management and restoration
  40. Quantifying grazing intensities using geographic information systems and satellite remote sensing in the Xilingol steppe region, Inner Mongolia, China
  41. Monitoring of forage conditions with MODIS imagery in the Xilingol steppe, Inner Mongolia