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  1. An analysis of consumer purchase intention for energy-efficient products
  2. Factors affecting green purchase behavior: A systematic literature review
  3. OTT platforms resilience to COVID-19 – a study of business strategies and consumer media consumption in India
  4. Concern for the environment and awareness of eco-friendly products: a study of urban Indian consumers
  5. Facebook Ad Engagement: A Cross-cultural Analysis
  6. An investigation into corporate trust and its linkages
  7. Label Perceptions and Consumer Decision-Making: An Empirical Investigation
  8. An Investigation into Consumer Search and Evaluation Behaviour: Effect of Brand Name and Price Perceptions
  9. 4th Annual International Conference on Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR 2014)
  10. An Investigation into Consumer Behaviour for Energy Labelled Products
  11. Environmental consciousness, its antecedents and behavioural outcomes
  12. Relevance of Personal Factors as Antecedents of Consumer Involvement: An Exploration
  13. Product Related Antecedents of Consumer Involvement: An Empirical Investigation
  14. An Investigation into the relevance of political advertising in India
  15. Measuring environmental consciousness
  16. Political Advertising and Voting Behaviour in India: The Mediating Role of Voting Decision Involvement