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  1. Antileishmanial Activity of Cassia fistula L., Morus nigra L. and Ziziphus jujuba Mill., Plant Extracts
  2. Virtual Screening of Inhibitory Agents Against SARS-CoV2
  3. Chemical and Bioinformatics Analyses of the Anti-Leishmanial and Anti-Oxidant Activities of Hemp Essential Oil
  4. Antiplatelet and Antioxidant Activities of Tomato
  5. Characterization of Antileishmanial Compounds from Lawsonia inermis L. Leaves Using Semi-High Resolution Antileishmanial Profiling Combined with HPLC-HRMS-SPE-NMR
  6. Synthesis of N-substituted acetamide derivatives of azinane-bearing 1,3,4-oxadiazole nucleus and screening for antibacterial activity
  7. Luteolin as a potent anti-leishmanial agent against intracellular Leishmania tropica parasite
  8. Anti-leishmanial and cytotoxic activities of extracts from three Pakistani plants
  9. Effect of Iron Deficiency Anemia on Intellectual Performance of Primary School Children in Islamabad, Pakistan
  10. Fungal biotransformation of ezetimibe
  11. Preparation and Evaluation of Controlled Release Tablets Containing Mefenamic Acid