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  1. Two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging on humans with multiphoton tomographs
  2. In vivo optical imaging of vitiligo skin grafting treatment using multiphoton microscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy (Conference Presentation)
  3. Front Matter: Volume 11244
  4. Clinical two-photon imaging of skin
  5. Flexible multiphoton tomography with femtosecond pulse hollow-core fiber delivery
  6. High-speed imaging of gas-bubble formation during femtosecond-laser cell optoporation
  7. Two-photon imaging of human skin
  8. Towards laser-assisted microfluidic-cell transfection
  9. In vivo multiphoton microscopy imaging of vitiligo (Conference Presentation)
  10. Multimodal multiphoton tomograph using a compact femtosecond fiber laser
  11. Subsurface photoluminescence lifetime imaging of photovoltaic materials using multiphoton tomography
  12. In vivo multiphoton microscopy of scabies
  13. Rapid vertical tissue imaging with clinical multiphoton tomography
  14. Rapid in vivo vertical tissue sectioning by multiphoton tomography
  15. Femtosecond multiphoton nanoprocessing
  16. Multiphoton imaging of cryosamples
  17. Clinical two photon imaging
  18. 1 Brief history of fluorescence lifetime imaging
  19. 9 Laser tweezers are sources of two-photon effects
  20. 16 Two-photon microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging of the cornea
  21. Two-photon FLIM microscopy
  22. Contents
  23. Preface
  24. Foreword
  25. 14 Clinical multimodal CARS imaging
  26. Frontmatter
  27. femtosecond laser nanoprocessing
  28. Towards in vivo breast skin characterization using multiphoton microscopy
  29. Multiphoton tomography of the human eye
  30. In vivo multiphoton microscopy imaging of pigmentary skin disorders
  31. Multiphoton tomography with tunable Ti:sapphire laser (Conference Presentation)
  32. Reprogramming of cells by laser
  33. Optimization of the measurement procedure during multiphoton tomography of human skinin vivo
  34. Comparison of label-free and GFP multiphoton imaging of hair follicle-associated pluripotent (HAP) stem cells in mouse whiskers
  35. Software-aided automatic laser optoporation and transfection of cells
  36. Characterization of porcine eyes based on autofluorescence lifetime imaging
  37. Histology in vivo : chemical contrast combined with clinical multimodal multiphoton tomography
  38. Motionless polarization-resolved second harmonic generation imaging of corneal collagen
  39. Multiphoton tomography of chemohazards and biohazards
  40. Optical reprogramming with ultrashort femtosecond laser pulses
  41. Two-photon autofluorescence lifetime and SHG imaging of healthy and diseased human corneas
  42. Multipurpose nonlinear optical imaging system forin vivoandex vivomultimodal histology
  43. Software aided automatic cell optoporation system
  44. Optical cell cleaning with NIR femtosecond laser pulses
  45. Optically Induced Nanostructures
  46. In Vivo Imaging of ZnO Nanoparticles from Sunscreen on Human Skin with a Mobile Multiphoton Tomograph
  47. High-throughput continuous flow femtosecond laser-assisted cell optoporation and transfection
  48. Towards optical cell transfection inside a micro flow cell
  49. High-resolution multiphoton cryomicroscopy
  50. Quantitative multiphoton imaging
  51. A novel clinical multimodal multiphoton tomograph for AF, SHG, CARS imaging, and FLIM
  52. FLIM of stem cells
  53. Detection of back-reflected SHG from corneal histological sections
  54. Multiphoton imaging of biological samples during freezing and heating
  55. Clinical multiphoton endoscopy with FLIM capability
  56. Multiphoton cryo microscope with sample temperature control
  57. Clinical studies of pigmented lesions in human skin by using a multiphoton tomograph
  58. Optically Generated Sub-100nm Structures for Biomedical and Technical Applications
  59. Hybrid multiphoton multimodal tomography of in vivo human skin
  60. Sub-15 fs multiphoton lithography of three-dimensional structures for live cell applications
  61. Nanosurgery of cells and chromosomes using near-infrared twelve-femtosecond laser pulses
  62. Clinical multiphoton FLIM tomography
  63. Watching stem cells at work with a flexible multiphoton tomograph
  64. Material processing with 12 femtosecond picojoule laser pulses
  65. Studies on wide-field-of-view multiphoton imaging using the flexible clinical multiphoton tomograph MPTflex
  66. Clinical multiphoton and CARS microscopy
  67. multiphoton tomography of stem cells
  68. Multimodal clinical multiphoton tomography
  69. Nanosurgery with near-infrared 12-femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses
  70. Nanostructure formation on silicon surfaces by high repetition-rate sub-15 femtosecond near-infrared laser pulses
  71. Nanoprocessing of glass and PMMA by means of near-infrared sub-15 femtosecond laser pulses
  72. Sub-100nm material processing with sub-15 femtosecond picojoule near infrared laser pulses
  73. High-resolution multimodal clinical multiphoton tomography of skin
  74. Clinical application of multiphoton tomography in combination with high-frequency ultrasound for evaluation of skin diseases
  75. Multiphoton Imaging and Nanoprocessing of Human Stem Cells
  76. P7 Clinical in vivo high-resolution multiphoton tomography of human skin for imaging cancer cells, extracellular matrix components, and sunscreen nanoparticles
  77. Depth-resolved measurement of the dermal matrix composition by multiphoton laser tomography
  78. Multiphotonenmikroskopie und In-vivo-Multiphotonentomographie in der dermatologischen Bildgebung
  79. In vivomeasurement of the human epidermal thickness in different localizations by multiphoton laser tomography
  80. Long-term marker-free multiphoton imaging, targeted transfection, optical cleaning of stem cell clusters, and optical transport of microRNA with extreme ultrashort laser pulses
  81. Current developments in clinical multiphoton tomography
  82. Clinical multiphoton tomography and clinical two-photon microendoscopy
  83. Targeted transfection of stem cells with sub-20 femtosecond laser pulses
  84. Two-photon autofluorescence and second-harmonic imaging of adult stem cells
  85. Rigid and high NA multiphoton fluorescence GRIN-endoscopes
  86. In vivo multiphoton endoscopy of endogenous skin fluorophores
  87. In vivo multiphoton tomography of skin during wound healing and scar formation
  88. Rigid and high NA multiphoton fluorescence GRIN-endoscopes
  89. Clinical two-photon microendoscopy
  90. In vivo assessment of human skin aging by multiphoton laser scanning tomography
  91. Multiphoton imaging of corneal tissue with near-infrared femtosecond laser pulses: corneal optical tomography and its use in refractive surgery
  92. Fluorescence lifetime imaging of human skin and hair
  93. In vivo multiphoton tomography of skin cancer
  94. Cell Damage During Multi-Photon Microscopy
  95. Multiphoton nanosurgery in cells and tissues
  96. Femtosecond laser application in biotechnology and medicine
  97. Photodynamic therapy and knocking out of single tumor cells by multiphoton excitation processes
  98. Nanoprocessing of DNA with femtosecond laser
  99. High-resolution multiphoton tomography of human skin in vivo and in vitro
  100. High-speed FLIM data acquisition by time-correlated single-photon counting
  101. Multiphoton tomography, transfection, and nanosurgery with <2-nJ, 80-MHz femtosecond laser pulses
  102. multiphoton tomography
  103. Femtosecond laser transfection
  104. Picosecond fluorescence lifetime microscopy by TCSPC imaging
  105. Multiphoton multicolor FISH
  106. Cloning assay thresholds on cells exposed to ultrafast laser pulses
  107. Femtosecond Multiphoton Microscopy for Cell and Tissue Diagnostics
  108. How safe is gamete micromanipulation by laser tweezers?
  109. two photon effects by laser tweezers
  110. Studies on porphyrin photoproducts in solution, cells, and tumor tissue
  111. Fluorescence detection and photodynamic activity of endogenous protoporphyrin in human skin
  112. Tutorial