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  1. Selective recognition of small hydrogen bond acceptors by a calix[6]arene-based molecular container
  2. Entrapment of a linear water pentamer into a uranyl-salophen dimer in the solid state
  3. Host-guest complexes of C-propyl-2-bromoresorcinarene with aromatic N-oxides
  4. Synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of a highly luminescent terpyridine-diphenylacetylene hybrid fluorophore and its metal complexes
  5. Molecular wires - solid-state photoluminescence studies
  6. Dimeric resorcinarene salt capsules with very tight encapsulation of anions and guest molecules
  7. Mixed valence mono- and hetero-metallic grid catenanes
  8. Experiences with applications of macromolecular tools in supramolecular crystallography
  9. Solid state anion–π interactions involving polyhalides
  10. A highly selective, Hg2+ triggered hydrogelation: modulation of morphology by chemical stimuli
  11. Structural macrocyclic supramolecular chemistry
  12. Deprotonation of resorcinarenes by mono- and diamine bases: complexation and intermolecular interactions in the solid state
  13. Anion-controlled formation of an aminal-(bis)imine Fe(ii)-complex
  14. Transition metal ion induced hydrogelation by amino-terpyridine ligands
  15. Self-assembly of a M4L6 complex with unexpected S4 symmetry
  16. Tetraiodoethynyl resorcinarene cavitands as multivalent halogen bond donors
  17. Preparation of potentially porous, chiral organometallic materials through spontaneous resolution of pincer palladium conformers