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  1. Prognostics Health Management (PHM) System for Power Transformer Using Kernel Extreme Learning Machine (K-ELM)
  2. ANN-Based STATCOM Tuning for Performance Enhancement of Combined Wind Farms
  3. Active distribution system with PHEVs
  4. Efficient sequential power flow approach based on regression and correction models for active distribution systems
  5. Optimal selection of LQR parameter using AIS for LFC in a multi-area power system
  6. Smart Centralized Control System for Active Distribution Networks with Adaptive Multi-Objective Optimization
  7. Robust quadratic-based BFS power flow method for multi-phase distribution systems
  8. Optimal Distributed Generation Allocation in Distribution Systems for Loss Minimization
  9. Optimal combination of DG technologies in distribution systems
  10. Power loss minimization in distribution systems using multiple distributed generations
  11. Implementation of three-phase transformer model in radial load-flow analysis
  12. Unbalanced distribution power-flow model and analysis of wind turbine generating systems
  13. Analysis of hybrid photovoltaic and wind energies connected to unbalanced distribution systems
  14. Sizing and locating distributed generations for losses minimization and voltage stability improvement
  15. Induction generator model for unbalanced distribution power-flow analysis
  16. Efficient three-phase power-flow method for unbalanced radial distribution systems