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  1. Optimal capacity of PV inverter considering reactive power capability and active power curtailment
  2. Active distribution system with PHEVs
  3. Optimal scheduling of electric vehicles considering uncertain RES generation using interval optimization
  4. Effective Demand Side Scheme for PHEVs Operation Considering Voltage Stability of Power Distribution Systems
  5. Adaptive multi-objective optimization for power loss minimization and voltage regulation in distribution systems
  6. Optimal Charging/Discharging of PHEVs for Predictability Enhancement of Wind Power Generation
  7. Real-Time Voltage Stability Monitoring of Unbalanced Distribution Systems
  8. Coordinated charging of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for voltage profile enhancement of distribution systems
  9. Optimal size and location of distributed generation unit for voltage stability enhancement
  10. Sizing and locating distributed generations for losses minimization and voltage stability improvement