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  1. Quantum-Classical Transition Analogy for Semiconductors
  2. Entropy-Ruled Charge Transport Method and Navamani-Shockley Diode Equation
  3. Continuum time-delayed electron hopping and entropy-ruled Einstein relation for molecular solids.
  4. Crossover from static to dynamic non-Condon effect on charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
  5. Revisiting Einstein’s Diffusion-Mobility Relation for Universal Quantum Materials
  6. Effect of site energy fluctuation on charge transport in disordered organic molecules
  7. Theoretical Modeling of Charge Transport in Organic Solids and Few Implications for Devices
  8. Optoelectronic Properties of Novel Alkyl-substituted Triphenylamine Derivatives
  9. Charge Transport in Dynamically Disordered Molecular Systems: Role of Degeneracy
  10. Forth-Back Oscillated Charge Carrier Network in Dynamically Disordered Molecules
  11. Density Flux Model on Hopping Conductivity For Molecular Solids
  12. A theoretical study on optical and charge transport properties of anthra-[1,2-b:4,3-b′:5,6-b″:8,7-b‴]tetrathiophene molecules
  13. Effect of structural fluctuations on charge carrier mobility in small molecules