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  1. Text Mining Islamic Law
  2. Women vulnerable to violence during and after climate change-related disasters
  3. Modelling a Christian Academy: Christ, Disciples, and Biblical Scholarship in Origen’s Commentary on Matthew
  4. Antithesis and Paradox in the Epistle to Diognetus
  5. A review of empirical research on corporate social responsibility in emerging economies
  6. The human cost of climate change adaptation strategies
  7. History as Antidote to Wounded National Pride: Politics of History in Kemal Tahir’s Devlet Ana
  8. Douglass, Robin, and Johan Olsthoorn, eds., Hobbes’s On the Citizen: A Critical Guide
  9. Hidden Aspects of Social and Historical Development of Islamic Community in Sisak, Croatia
  10. The stakeholder value map: a new tool to measure success with diverse groups
  11. Making personalised short breaks meaningful: a future research agenda to connect academia, policy and practice
  12. Crossover from static to dynamic non-Condon effect on charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
  13. Gendered Migration Responses to Drought in Malawi
  14. Climate change creates new risks to dam safety
  15. Legal Protection of Movable Antiquities in Jordan
  16. Why does extreme weather cause people to cut down trees?
  17. Improving food security with sustainable agriculture
  18. Salts, minerals and electrolytes - how they work in the quantum realm.
  19. What are the recommendations for governments from the latest climate research?
  20. Food waste can be processed to make clean fuel.
  21. Can countries in Africa afford to switch to green energy?
  22. A new ‘green’ coating for flame-retardant wooden buildings
  23. Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging
  24. How do we plan for a future with an energy scarcity ?
  25. Fighting Climate Change: The New Corporate Social Responsibility
  26. Ethics, Interpretive Social Science and War
  27. Blame and Complicity in International Relations: Making Non-intervention Morally Bearable
  28. What can we do to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? One option – get the ocean to soak it up.
  29. How can we make sure economic recovery after COVID-19 does not harm the environment?
  30. Considering climate change to develop safer infrastructure
  31. Suitability of forensic accounting in uncovering bank frauds in India: an opinion survey
  32. Environmental disasters cause mental health problems
  33. Considering climate change in a new framework to evaluate structural aging
  34. Photodeposition fabrication of heterostructured nanosheet arrays with enhanced OER performance
  35. How climate change will affect our health and what we can do about it
  36. Making carbon reduction more efficient, and more affordable
  37. Connotative framing of refugees and migrants in Western European media
  38. The musicals of Lin-Manuel Miranda
  39. Why we are getting better at predicting the effects of climate change