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  1. Developing measures for information ergonomics in knowledge work
  2. Schoolchildren’s user experiences on a physical exercise game utilizing lighting and audio
  3. Maturity assessment for implementing and using product lifecycle management in project-oriented engineering companies
  4. Email intensity, productivity and control in the knowledge worker's performance on the desktop
  5. The role of an intermediator organisation in collaboration: how can an intermediator enhance value co-creation?
  6. Adjusting the Design Target of Life-Cycle Aware HCI in Knowledge Work: Focus on Computing Practices
  7. Creating Immersive Audio and Lighting Based Physical Exercise Games for Schoolchildren
  8. Evaluating landmark attraction model in collaborative wayfinding in virtual learning environments
  9. Seek'N'Share
  10. Knowledge sharing motivational factors of using an intra‐organizational social media platform
  11. The formation of coordinative knowledge practices in distributed work: towards an explanatory model
  12. Refining information and knowledge by social media applications
  13. Negative competition steering patient flow in a public-private healthcare co-opetition setting – a Finnish case
  14. Democracy in management – the new coming of MBO via organisational dialogue
  15. Use of performance measurement in V2C activity
  16. How virtuality affects knowledge work: points on performance and knowledge management