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  1. Characterization of charge carrier behavior in photocatalysis using transient absorption spectroscopy
  2. Control of chemical state of cerium in doped anatase TiO2by solvothermal synthesis and its application in photocatalytic water reduction
  3. Efficient visible driven photocatalyst, silver phosphate: performance, understanding and perspective
  4. Photocatalytic reduction of CO2and protons using water as an electron donor over potassium tantalate nanoflakes
  5. Interfacial charge separation in Cu2O/RuOx as a visible light driven CO2 reduction catalyst
  6. Enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting by nanostructured BiVO4–TiO2 composite electrodes
  7. Biomolecule-assisted fabrication of copper doped SnS2nanosheet–reduced graphene oxide junctions with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
  8. Water splitting for renewable fuel
  9. Dimensionally and compositionally controlled growth of calcium phosphate nanowires for bone tissue regeneration