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  1. Building retro-commissioning standard and policy: status quo and future directions
  2. An analytic network process model for hospital facilities management performance evaluation
  3. Analytic evaluation of facilities performance from the user perspective: case study on a badminton hall
  4. Identification, classification and shortlisting of performance indicators for hospital facilities management
  5. Building operation and maintenance: manpower in Hong Kong
  6. Carbon footprints of hotels: Analysis of three archetypes in Hong Kong
  7. Influence of personal attributes on perception of residential facilities management services
  8. Gap theory based analysis of user expectation and satisfaction: The case of a hostel building
  9. A portrait of building services engineers in Hong Kong
  10. Carbon audit: a literature review and an empirical study on a hotel
  11. Hotel engineering facilities: A case study of maintenance performance
  12. A Delphi study on building services engineers' core competence and statutory role in Hong Kong
  13. Impacts of facility service procurement methods on perceived performance of hospital engineering services
  14. Comparative evaluation of facility management services for housing estates
  15. An analytical method to evaluate facility management services for residential buildings
  16. Building operation and maintenance: education needs in Hong Kong
  17. Operation and maintenance
  18. Perception of importance and performance of the indoor environmental quality of high-rise residential buildings
  19. Benchmarking operation and maintenance costs of luxury hotels
  20. Multilayer subcontracting of specialist works in buildings in Hong Kong
  21. Monitoring building operation and maintenance contracts
  22. Critical contractual issues of outsourced operation and maintenance service for commercial buildings
  23. Knowledge and perception of operation and maintenance practitioners in Hong Kong about sustainable buildings
  24. The trend of outsourcing for building services operation and maintenance in Hong Kong
  25. Disputes arising from vaguely defined contractual responsibilities in building services maintenance contracts