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  1. Tunable release of hydrophilic compounds from hydrophobic nanostructured fibers prepared by emulsion electrospinning
  2. The electrochemical manipulation of apolar solvent drops in aqueous electrolytes by altering the surface polarity of polypyrrole architectures
  3. Bottom-up on-crystal in-chip formation of a conducting salt and a view of its restructuring: from organic insulator to conducting “switch” through microfluidic manipulation
  4. Assembling Supramolecular Rotors on Surfaces Under Ambient Conditions
  5. Highly Conductive Single-Molecule Wires with Controlled Orientation by Coordination of Metalloporphyrins
  6. Localized, Stepwise Template Growth of Functional Nanowires from an Amino Acid-Supported Framework in a Microfluidic Chip
  7. Bottom-up assembly of a surface-anchored supramolecular rotor enabled using a mixed self-assembled monolayer and pre-complexed components
  8. Microfluidic platforms: a mainstream technology for the preparation of crystals
  9. Hierarchical growth of curved organic nanowires upon evaporation induced self-assembly
  10. “Dual‐Template” Synthesis of One‐Dimensional Conductive Nanoparticle Superstructures from Coordination Metal–Peptide Polymer Crystals
  11. CHAPTER 7. Optic and Electronic Applications of Molecular Gels
  12. Confined Synthesis and Integration of Functional Materials in Sub-nanoliter Volumes
  13. Twists and turns in the hierarchical self-assembly pathways of a non-amphiphilic chiral supramolecular material
  14. Gene delivery with bisphosphonate-stabilized calcium phosphate nanoparticles
  15. Controlling the length and location of in situ formed nanowires by means of microfluidic tools
  16. Self-assembly of supramolecular wires and cross-junctions and efficient electron tunnelling across them
  17. Guided assembly of metal and hybrid conductive probes using floating potential dielectrophoresis
  18. Guided assembly of nanowires and their integration in microfluidic devices
  19. Nanocomposites combining conducting and superparamagnetic components prepared via an organogel
  20. Anisotropy in structural and physical properties in tetrathiafulvalene derivatives-based zone-cast layers as seen by Raman spectroscopy, UV-visible spectroscopy, and field effect measurements
  21. Nanowires: A Microfluidic Approach for the Formation of Conductive Nanowires and Hollow Hybrid Structures (Adv. Mater. 20/2010)
  22. A Microfluidic Approach for the Formation of Conductive Nanowires and Hollow Hybrid Structures
  23. Use of unnatural β-peptides as a self-assembling component in functional organic fibres
  24. High-density micro-arrays for mass spectrometry
  25. Gels as a soft matter route to conducting nanostructured organic and composite materials
  26. Solvent effect on the morphology and function of novel gel-derived molecular materials
  27. Rich Phase Behavior in a Supramolecular Conducting Material Derived from an Organogelator
  28. Supramolecular electroactive organogel and conducting nanofibers with C3-symmetrical architectures
  29. Layer-By-Layer Electropeeling of Organic Conducting Material Imaged In Real Time
  30. ChemInform Abstract: Assembly of Functional Molecular Nanostructures on Surfaces
  31. Monolayer self-assembly at liquid–solid interfaces: chirality and electronic properties of molecules at surfaces
  32. Shaping Supramolecular Nanofibers with Nanoparticles Forming Complementary Hydrogen Bonds
  33. Shaping Supramolecular Nanofibers with Nanoparticles Forming Complementary Hydrogen Bonds
  34. TTF-based bent-core liquid crystals
  35. Assembly of functional molecular nanostructures on surfaces
  36. Bottom-up assembly of high density molecular nanowire cross junctions at a solid/liquid interface
  37. Supramolecular Conducting Nanowires from Organogels
  38. Supramolecular Conducting Nanowires from Organogels
  39. Supramolecular Conducting Nanowires from Organogels
  40. Chemical and Constitutional Influences in the Self-Assembly of Functional Supramolecular Hydrogen-Bonded Nanoscopic Fibres
  41. Noncovalent Control for Bottom-Up Assembly of Functional Supramolecular Wires