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  1. Belltower Coffeehouse & Studio: negotiating hybrid value creation in a dual-mission arts venture
  2. Examining student drawings of elementary general music experiences
  3. Honor the Quiet Listeners: Foundations and Approaches for Supporting Introverted Music Students
  4. The Arts Entrepreneurship Profile: A New Tool for Arts Educators
  5. Confronting and Overcoming Music Teacher Burnout
  6. Introduction from the Editors
  7. Best Practices for Mentoring Arts Entrepreneurs
  8. Effectual Thinking and Music Education
  9. Assessing the validity of music aptitude tests
  10. The context and development of a progressive, child-centered method of learning music in the 1920s
  11. The role of entrepreneurial thinking in public school music teaching
  12. Entrepreneurial thinking enhances music teachers' work motivation
  13. Links between the rhythms of Latino-flavored music and the native languages of composers
  14. The story of the "Deutschlandlied": How it was born and how it changed throughout Germany's history