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  1. Lofty aims, limited actors, fewer artifacts: A sociocultural analysis of Confucian conceptions of creativity and innovation.
  2. What Explains Reading and Mathematics Excellence Gaps in Elementary Schools?
  3. Toward a Science of Creativity: Considerable Progress but Much Work to be Done
  4. Closing Poverty-Based Excellence Gaps: Conceptual, Measurement, and Educational Issues
  5. Reducing Excellence Gaps: A Research-Based Model
  6. Should Millions of Students Take a Gap Year? Large Numbers of Students Start the School Year Above Grade Level
  7. Blazing New Trails: Strengthening Policy Research in Gifted Education
  8. Remarkable Trailblazer: An Interview With Jonathan Plucker
  9. Developing and maintaining a website for teaching and learning about intelligence
  10. Creative Thinking
  11. Creativity and interdisciplinarity: one creativity or many creativities?
  12. Creativity
  13. Generalization of Creativity Across Domains: Examination of the Method Effect Hypothesis
  14. Gifted Education Policy: A First Step on a Difficult but Necessary Journey.
  15. The downside of being talented.
  16. Student Aspirations Survey
  17. Intelligence
  18. Gifted Education
  19. Intelligence Testing
  20. Intelligence Theories
  21. Creativity Assessment in Higher Education
  22. Attitude Change as the Precursor to Creativity Enhancement
  23. Intelligence and Creativity