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  1. Trust and corruption in Czech society and business
  2. Interpretations of business continuity management in the light of COVID-19
  3. Organisational performance: the effects of context and the use of multiple performance measures.
  4. The use of multiple performance measures and organisational performance in Libya.
  5. Promoting organisational change to obtain responsible management education.
  6. to explain Transition Economies in the Middle East using the Syrian Experience
  7. Are the international strategies of universities deliberate or emergent?
  8. Political risk assessment by multinational corporations in African markets: A Nigerian perspective
  9. The internationalization of Nigerian firms: Motivations and location patterns
  10. The impacts of risk-taking behaviour and competition on technical efficiency: Evidence from the Chinese banking industry
  11. Does competition only impact on insolvency risk? New evidence from the Chinese banking industry
  12. Factors affecting reverse knowledge transfer from subsidiaries to multinational companies: Focusing on the transference of local market information
  13. The profitability of Chinese banks: impacts of risk, competition and efficiency
  14. The Adoption of Political Risk Assessment in Emerging Markets
  15. Strategic decision implementation in an emerging market
  16. Continuity Culture: A Key Factor for Building Resilience and Sound Recovery Capabilities
  17. Czech wine consumers: maturing with age?
  18. Supervisors' perceptions of the value of the undergraduate dissertation
  19. Business continuity management in Jordanian banks: Some cultural considerations
  20. Student expectations of the financial returns to higher education in the Czech Republic and England: Evidence from business schools
  21. The use of strategic planning tools and techniques by hotels in Jordan
  22. The use of political risk assessment techniques in Jordanian multinational corporations
  23. Strategic planning implementation and creation of value in the firm
  24. Consumer perceptions of own brands: international differences
  25. The institutionalisation of political risk assessment (IPRA) in Jordanian international firms
  26. Managerial Practices of Political Risk Assessment in Jordanian International Business
  27. Strategic planning tools and techniques in Jordan: awareness and use
  28. Managerial perceptions of political risk in international projects
  29. Research and Technological Innovation: The Challenge for a New Europe ? By A. Quadrio-Curzio and M. Fortis
  30. Strategic alliances in the European defence industry