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  1. Interpretations of business continuity management in the light of COVID-19
  2. Evolution of modern disaster management
  3. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  4. Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment for refugee education crises
  5. Business Continuity Management
  6. The Disaster Management Cycle
  7. Repairing corporate image.
  8. Behavioural response patterns: an investigation of the early stages of major incidents
  9. In search of the causes of disasters
  10. Analysis of contemporary terrorism
  11. Continuity Culture: A Key Factor for Building Resilience and Sound Recovery Capabilities
  12. Organizational resilience
  13. Crisis and disaster management in Jordanian hotels: practices and cultural considerations
  14. Quality control and supply chain management: a contextual perspective and a case study
  15. Business continuity management in Jordanian banks: Some cultural considerations