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  1. A new frontier in climate change research: Convergence science
  2. Parenting in the digital age
  3. A Guide for Sharing of Innovative Teaching Knowledge in Higher Education
  4. How to foster the dissemination of innovative teaching practices
  5. Life-History Influences Teenagers’ Suicidal Ideation
  6. Productivity of foragers persists into the 60s and 70s in 40 non-Western societies
  7. Hypotheses about the timing of sexual initiation in youths are put to test
  8. Faculty social networks and adoption of teaching innovations
  9. How is wealth transmitted across generations and is there a gender gap between daughters and sons?
  10. Paying It Forward or Giving Back? Women’s Sharing Networks in Siberia
  11. Economic inequality and marginal value favor monogamous marriages
  12. Fertility responses to acute environmental shocks are not limited to earlier and faster reproduction
  13. Men's hunting ability correlates with more children in more frequent succession.
  14. Analysis of social norms combining economic games and qualitative analysis