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  1. Dugong feeding grounds and spatial feeding patterns in subtidal seagrass: A case study at Sibu Archipelago, Malaysia
  2. Seagrass habitat suitability model for Redang Marine Park using multibeam echosounder data: Testing different spatial resolutions and analysis window sizes
  3. Biogeographic structure of fungal communities in seagrass Halophilia ovalis across the Malay Peninsula
  4. Spatial and Structural Factors Shape Seagrass-Associated Bacterial Communities in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia
  5. Effect of Land Use\Land Cover Changes on Estimated Potential Runoff in the Nablus Mountains Watersheds of Palestine: A Case Study
  6. Research with coastal people in Bangladesh: challenges and way forward
  7. Seagrass meadows provide multiple benefits to adjacent coral reefs through various microhabitat functions
  8. An updated checklist of the marine fish fauna of Redang Islands, Malaysia
  9. Seagrass‐associated fungal communities show distance decay of similarity that has implications for seagrass management and restoration
  10. Influence of habitat complexity on fish density and species richness in structurally simple forereef seagrass meadows
  11. Seagrass research in Southeast Asia
  12. Seagrass in Southeast Asia: a review of status and knowledge gaps, and a road map for conservation
  13. KENPVLSLVNGMF - A novel cytotoxic peptide from marine sponge with potential as anticancer drug lead
  14. Discover the Antioxidant Power of Seaweed Avrainvillea erecta
  15. Aligning conservation and research priorities for proactive species and habitat management: the case of dugongsDugong dugonin Johor, Malaysia
  16. Spatial Structure of Seagrass Suggests That Size-Dependent Plant Traits Have a Strong Influence on the Distribution and Maintenance of Tropical Multispecies Meadows
  17. The Central Role of Dispersal in the Maintenance and Persistence of Seagrass Populations
  18. Seagrass buried: dead or alive after 27 days?
  19. What we know and don't know about seagrass systems in Southeast Asia up until 2009
  20. Spatial patterns of seaweed distribution in Malaysia using GIS