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  1. Full Engagement with the NHS in an integrated age: reflections on past endeavours (the Wanless Report) and current challenges (the anti-vaxxer movement)
  2. Transferable learning about patient and public involvement and engagement in gambling support services from health and social care: findings from a narrative review and workshop with people with lived experience
  3. Protecting vulnerable adults in Singapore: the creation of the Vulnerable Adults Act 2018
  4. Family matters: personal assistants’ experiences of engaging and working with their employers’ families
  5. Not forgetting gender: women and dementia
  6. Safeguarding adults reviews and homelessness: making the connections
  7. Working on the edge: changes in the content and delivery of social care
  8. Advanced care planning: an exploratory study of community-based mental health practitioners’ views and experiences of ACP in practice with people with dementia
  9. Perspectives on safeguarding and child protection in English schools: the new educational landscape explored
  10. An Examination of Support and Development Mechanisms for Newly Qualified Social Workers Across the UK: Implications for Australian Social Work
  11. Social work teaching partnerships: a discussion paper
  12. Social work in the Canadian province of New Brunswick: Reflections on Family Group Conferencing
  13. Gambling Risks: Exploring Social Work Practitioners’ Experiences of Clients Presenting with Risks of Gambling-Related Harm
  14. Implementing e-learning and e-tools for care home staff supporting residents with dementia and challenging behaviour: A process evaluation of the ResCare study using normalisation process theory
  15. Social Work Education – A Local and Global History
  16. Trends in dementia diagnosis rates in UK ethnic groups: analysis of UK primary care data
  17. Increasing access to Care Act 2014 assessments and personal budgets among people with experiences of homelessness and multiple exclusion: a theoretically informed case study
  18. Gambling-related harms and homelessness: findings from a scoping review
  19. Service integration through medical leadership in England’s NHS
  20. ‘We’re effectively becoming immigration officers’: social care managers’ experiences of the risk work of employing migrant care workers
  21. Dementia: beyond multi-morbidity
  22. Social workers’ power of entry in adult safeguarding concerns: debates over autonomy, privacy and protection
  23. Safeguarding practice in England where access to an adult at risk is obstructed by a third party: findings from a survey
  24. Gambling and adult safeguarding: connections and evidence
  25. Home pressures: failures of care and pressure ulcer problems in the community – the findings of serious case reviews
  26. Meeting the needs of older people living at home with dementia who have problems with continence
  27. Joining up dementia: not as easy as it sounds
  28. Pressure points: learning from Serious Case Reviews of failures of care and pressure ulcer problems in care homes
  29. The diversity of befriending by, and of, older people
  30. Falls prevention: access and acceptability to all?
  31. Modern slavery – the adult safeguarding interface
  32. The Views of Domestic Staff and Porters when Supporting Patients with Dementia in the Acute Hospital: An Exploratory Qualitative Study
  33. Gaps in Understanding the Experiences of Homecare Workers Providing Care for People with Dementia up to the End of Life: A Systematic Review
  34. Parliamentary arguments on powers of access – the Care Bill debates
  35. Person-centered dementia care: current perspectives
  36. The potential uses and abuses of a power of entry for social workers in England: a re-analysis of responses to a government consultation
  37. Media reactions to the Panorama programme “Behind Closed Doors: Social Care Exposed” and care staff reflections on publicity of poor practice in the care sector
  38. Frailty and Social Care: Over- or Under-Familiar Terms?
  39. Older people’s forums in the United Kingdom: civic engagement and activism reviewed
  40. Putting people at the centre: facilitating Making Safeguarding Personal approaches in the context of the Care Act 2014
  41. Intimacy between care home residents with dementia: Findings from a review of the literature
  42. Care homes and the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Changes in understanding and practice over time
  43. New relationships and intimacy in long-term care: The views of relatives of residents with dementia and care home staff
  44. The play’s the thing: development of an interprofessional drama
  45. The feasibility of introducing an adult safeguarding measure (survey) for inclusion in the adult social care outcomes framework (ASCOF): projecting costs
  46. The experiences of Indian migrant care home staff working with people with dementia: a pilot study exploring cultural perspectives
  47. The behaviours that dementia care home staff in South Africa find challenging: An exploratory study
  48. Thinking aloud: decentralisation and safeguarding in English schools
  49. Preventing abuse through pre-employment checks: an international review
  50. Co-production in mental health research: reflections from the People Study
  51. Releasing the grip of managerial domination
  52. Developing an adult safeguarding outcome measure in England
  53. Frailty - from bedside to buzzword?
  54. Parent? Carer? Mid-lifer? Older person? Similarities and diversities across different experiences of caring and their implications for practice
  55. Did anyone notice the transformation of adult social care? An analysis of Safeguarding Adult Board Annual Reports
  56. Supporting the social networks of homeless people
  57. Investigating models of adult safeguarding in England – a mixed-methods approach
  58. Enjoying the front-line of dementia care: an integrative analysis of what care home staff report makes them happy at work
  59. care pathways for dementia
  60. The dement in the community: Social work practice with people with dementia revisited
  61. Fragmentation and competition: voluntary organisations' experiences of support for family carers
  62. Risks of financial abuse of older people with dementia: findings from a survey of UK voluntary sector dementia community services staff
  63. Care professionals' understanding of the new criminal offences created by the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  64. Working together in dementia research: reflections on the EVIDEM programme
  65. Handyperson schemes and the Equality Act 2010
  66. On-line information and registration with services: patterns of support for carers in England
  67. Housing support and personalisation: observations from the Scottish Self-Directed Support Test Sites
  68. Developing inter-disciplinary and inter-agency networks: reflections on a “community of practice” approach
  69. Changing practice: adapting to the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  70. User involvement in designing a survey of people directly employing care and support workers
  71. The use of the Mental Capacity Act among hospital patients: findings from a case study of one Acute Hospital Trust in England
  72. When self‐directed support meets adult support and protection: findings from the evaluation of the SDS test sites in Scotland
  73. Promoting empathy in social care for older people