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  1. Hydrogen adsorption and diffusion in synthetic Na-montmorillonites at high pressures and temperature
  2. Design of high surface area poly(ionic liquid)s to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene carbonate
  3. Magnesium-based systems for carbon dioxide capture, storage and recycling: from leaves to synthetic nanostructured materials
  4. Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Amine-Functionalized Mixed-Ligand Metal-Organic Frameworks of UiO-66 Topology
  5. Hydrogen uptake and diffusion in Callovo-Oxfordian clay rock for nuclear waste disposal technology
  6. Evolution and Reversibility of Host/Guest Interactions with Temperature Changes in a Methyl Red@Palygorskite Polyfunctional Hybrid Nanocomposite
  7. A nanoladder of dye molecules
  8. Tuned to Perfection: Ironing Out the Defects in Metal–Organic Framework UiO-66
  9. Fast carbon dioxide recycling by reaction with γ-Mg(BH4)2
  10. Characterization of MOFs. 1. Combined Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopies
  11. Monolithic Aerogels Based on Poly(2,6-diphenyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) and Syndiotactic Polystyrene
  12. An alternative pathway for the synthesis of isocyanato- and urea-functionalised metal–organic frameworks
  13. Silica-supported Ti chloride tetrahydrofuranates, precursors of Ziegler–Natta catalysts
  14. Functionalization of CPO-27-Ni through metal hexacarbonyls: The role of open Ni2+ sites
  15. Preparation and adsorption properties of activated porous carbons obtained using volatile zinc templating phases
  16. Low temperature activation and reactivity of CO2 over a CrII-based heterogeneous catalyst: a spectroscopic study
  17. H2storage in isostructural UiO-67 and UiO-66 MOFs
  18. Spectroscopic and adsorptive studies of a thermally robust pyrazolato-based PCP
  19. Soft synthesis of isocyanate-functionalised metal–organic frameworks
  20. Monolithic nanoporous–crystalline aerogels based on PPO
  21. News and analysis on materials solutions to energy challenges
  22. Tailoring Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture: The Amino Effect
  23. Hydrogen Uptake by {H[Mg(HCOO)3]⊃NHMe2}∞ and Determination of Its H2 Adsorption Sites through Monte Carlo Simulations
  24. Nanoporous Crystalline Phases of Poly(2,6-Dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)oxide
  25. Role of extraframework metal sites for hydrogen adsorption into the pores of a zeolite: FT-IR study
  26. Crystal structure refinement of a sepiolite/indigo Maya Blue pigment using molecular modelling and synchrotron diffraction
  27. Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of the NaMgH 3 Perovskite: A Comprehensive Study
  28. Aerogels and Polymorphism of Isotactic Poly(4-methyl-pentene-1)
  29. Cyclodextrin nanosponges as effective gas carriers
  30. Hydrogen Adsorption by δ and ε Crystalline Phases of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Aerogels
  31. Functionalization of UiO-66 Metal−Organic Framework and Highly Cross-Linked Polystyrene with Cr(CO)3: In Situ Formation, Stability, and Photoreactivity
  32. Direct evidence of adsorption induced CrII mobility on the SiO2surface upon complexation by CO
  33. Storage of hydrogen as a guest of a nanoporous polymeric crystalline phase
  34. FTIR spectroscopy and thermodynamics of CO and H2 adsorbed on γ-, δ- and α-Al2O3
  35. Modeling CO and N2 Adsorption at Cr Surface Species of Phillips Catalyst by Hybrid Density Functionals: Effect of Hartree−Fock Exchange Percentage
  36. Stability and Reactivity of Grafted Cr(CO) 3 Species on MOF Linkers: A Computational Study
  37. Structure and Enhanced Reactivity of Chromocene Carbonyl Confined inside Cavities of NaY Zeolite
  38. CO Adsorption on CPO-27-Ni Coordination Polymer: Spectroscopic Features and Interaction Energy
  39. Response of CPO-27-Ni towards CO, N2 and C2H4
  40. Chromocene in porous polystyrene: an example of organometallic chemistry in confined spaces
  41. Exploring the Chemistry of Electron-Accepting Molecules in the Cavities of the Basic Microporous P4VP Polymer by in situ FTIR Spectroscopy
  42. Oriented TiO2 Nanostructured Pillar Arrays: Synthesis and Characterization
  43. Local Structure of CPO-27-Ni Metallorganic Framework upon Dehydration and Coordination of NO
  44. Role of Exposed Metal Sites in Hydrogen Storage in MOFs
  45. Interaction of H2with Alkali-Metal-Exchanged Zeolites:  a Quantum Mechanical Study
  46. FTIR spectroscopy and thermodynamics of hydrogen adsorbed in a cross-linked polymer
  47. Direct observation and modelling of ordered hydrogen adsorption and catalyzed ortho–para conversion on ETS-10 titanosilicate material
  48. Plate-like zinc oxide microcrystals: Synthesis and characterization of a material active toward hydrogen adsorption
  49. Theoretical characterization of dihydrogen adducts with halide anions
  50. Interaction of Hydrogen with MOF-5
  51. Liquid Hydrogen in Protonic Chabazite
  52. Theoretical characterization of dihydrogen adducts with alkaline cations
  53. Hydrogen storage in Chabazite zeolite frameworks
  54. Theoretical maximal storage of hydrogen in zeolitic frameworks
  55. The role of surfaces in hydrogen storage