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  1. Dogon pseudo-subjects with or without true subjects
  2. Origins of Dogon NP tonosyntax
  3. The dance of expressive adverbials (“ideophones”) in Jamsay (Dogon)
  4. Caught in the middle
  5. function and history of a Dogon pre-verbal particle expressing location and focus
  6. review article on T. Givon's two-volume collection of historical linguistic papers
  7. Vowel-length Merger and its Consequences in Archaic Moroccan Arabic
  8. discussion of "cyclicity" in historical linguistics
  9. review of Kossmann on Ghadames Berber
  10. Dogon adjective-numeral inversion
  11. review of M Ponsonnet book on Australian Aboriginal emotion terms and concepts
  12. review of edited collection by Nassenstein and Hollington on mostly African urban youth speech
  13. Imperative "subjects" in Dogon languages are not subjects.
  14. Phrasal grammatical tone in the Dogon languages
  15. how Moroccan Arabic got possessive markers d(i) and dyal
  16. Dogon grammatical tone patterns triggered only by 3-part syntactic combinations
  17. double book review of two books on syntactic theory and the origin of language
  18. functional typology of antipassive constructions in languages
  19. review of an edited collection of papers on quantification in various languages
  20. review article on a book by R Langacker
  21. Review Article on Langacker 2009: Online Supplement
  22. Lisa Matthewson (ed.), Quantification: A cross-linguistic perspective
  23. A grammar of Mian, by Sebastian Fedden
  24. Historical Linguistics and the Comparative Study of African Languages by Gerrit Dimmendaal
  25. Secret Manipulations: Language and Context in Africa by Anne Storch
  26. The Languages of Urban Africa ed. by Fiona McLaughlin
  27. the semantics of Dogon noun modifiers determines their effect on noun tones
  28. Creoles, Their Substrates, and Language Typology ed. by Claire Lefebvre (review)
  29. Multi-Verb Constructions: A View from the Americas (review)
  30. Sociolinguistic Typology: Social Determinants of Linguistic Complexity by Peter Trudgill
  31. The Songhay language of Hombori, Mali, has rapidly developed head-marking in nouns
  32. The linguistics of eating and drinking, edited by John Newman
  33. Typology of clausal boundary marking devices
  34. review of a book by Zúñiga on Native American languages
  35. Cognitive Set and Lexicalization Strategy in Dogon Action Verbs
  36. Recent case work reviewed
  37. A Grammar of Jamsay
  38. Bidirectional Case-marking and Linear Adjacency
  39. A Grammar of Tamashek (Tuareg of Mali)
  40. 3. Coordination
  41. Understanding Arabic: Essays in Contemporary Arabic Linguistics in Honor of El-Said Badawi
  42. vocalic sound symbolism as a driving factor in sociophonetics
  43. how certain Australian languages repaired their morphology with new material.
  44. Tempus-Aspekt-Modus: Die lexikalischen und grammatischen Formen in den germanischen Sprachen
  45. Tense Systems in European Languages
  46. From Discourse to Logic: Introduction to Modeltheoretic Semantics of Natural Language, Formal Logic and Discourse Representation Theory
  47. Studies in Comparative Pama-Nyungan
  48. Review
  49. Syntax: A Functional-Typological Introduction
  50. Colori e lessico: Studi sulla struttura semantica degli aggettivi di colore in catalano, castigliano, italiano, romeno, latino e ungherese
  51. Hilflose Nähe?
  52. Interlanguage
  53. Pidginization and Creolization: The Case of Arabic
  54. Syntactic and lexical aspects of nonconfigurationality in Nunggubuyu (Australia)
  55. : Nunggubuyu Myths and Ethnographic Texts . Jeffrey Heath. ; Nunggubuyu Dictionary . Jeffrey Heath. ; Functional Grammar of Nunggubuyu . Jeffrey Heath.
  56. Nunggubuyu myths and ethnographic texts By Jeffrey Heath, and: Nunggubuyu dictionary By Jeffrey Heath, and: Functional grammar of Nunggubuyu By Jeffrey Heath
  57. Syntax: A functional-typological introduction, I By Talmy Givón
  58. Chem'ivillu' (Let's Speak Cahuilla)
  59. Funktionsanalyse von kana yaf c alu: Ein Beitrag zur Verbalsyntax des Althocharabischen, mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Tempus- und Aspektproblematik
  60. The Nubi language of Kibera: An Arabic creole By Bernd Heine
  61. R. M. W. Dixon and J. Blake Barry (eds.) Handbook of Australian languages, Vol. 1. Amsterdam: John Benjamins B.V., 1979. Pp. xviii + 390.
  62. Linguistic diffusion in Arnhem Land By Jeffrey Heath, and: Ngandi grammar, texts, and dictionary By Jeffrey Heath
  63. The Languages of Native America: Historical and Comparative Assessment. LYLE CAMPBELL and MARIANNE MITHUN
  64. large-scale lexical borrowing among Australian Aboriginal languages
  65. A Kalkatungu Grammar
  66. Dyirbal ergativity: counter-rejoinder to Dixon
  67. Book review
  68. Cahuilla Grammar. Hansjakob Seiler
  69. A grammar of Yidin
  70. Is Dyirbal ergative?
  71. case systems in the Choctaw language (Mississippi)
  72. Non-Distinct Arguments in Uto-Aztecan
  73. Uto-Aztecan Morphophonemics
  74. functional trade-offs in grammar, across languages
  75. : Morphologie des Verbs im Cahuilla . Anna Fuchs.
  76. conjugation markers (verb suffixes) are cognate across PN and non-PN