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  1. Determinants of real water losses in the Australian drinking water sector
  2. Groundwater governance in India
  3. Benchmarking service quality in the urban water industry
  4. Explaining the environmental efficiency of drinking water and wastewater utilities
  5. Productivity implications of the water-energy-emissions nexus: An empirical analysis of the drinking water and wastewater sector
  6. Benchmarking water business performance
  7. Measuring environmentally sensitive productivity growth: An application to the urban water sector
  8. Evaluating the Performance of Urban Water Utilities: Robust Nonparametric Approach
  9. Institutional Reforms to Enhance Urban Water Infrastructure with Climate Change Uncertainty
  10. Collaborative approaches to water management and planning: An institutional perspective
  11. Curriculum Design For Flexible Delivery: An Assessment of e-Learning Approaches
  12. Watershed Development, Decentralisation and Institutional Change: Insights from the Mechanism Design Theory
  13. A critical review of multi-criteria decision making methods with special reference to forest management and planning
  14. A roadmap to a green chemical industry in Australia
  15. Multi-attribute preference modelling and regional land-use planning
  16. Implementing Participatory Decision Making in Forest Planning
  17. Devising better rules and policies to manage water resources in India
  18. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Natural Resource Management
  19. Evaluating public risk preferences in forest land-use choices using multi-attribute utility theory
  20. Stakeholder Incentives in Participatory Forest Management: A Manual for Economic Analysis
  21. Implementing participatory approaches in formulating regional forest policy
  22. Soil erosion in developing countries: a socio-economic appraisal
  23. Incorporating stakeholder values into regional forest planning: a value function approach
  24. The use of Analytic Hierarchy Process to incorporate stakeholder preferences into regional forest planning
  25. Assessment of Wilderness Quality Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
  26. Price and Subsidy Policy on Soil Conservation: Application to Smallholder Tea Growers
  27. Determination of yield and erosion damage functions using subjectively elicited data: application to smallholder tea in Sri Lanka