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  1. On the Extraction of HCl and H2PtCl6 by Tributyl Phosphate: A Mode of Action Study
  2. Towards dipyrrins: oxidation and metalation of acyclic and macrocyclic Schiff-base dipyrromethanes
  3. Dalton Discussion 14 – Advancing the chemistry of the f-elements, 28–30 July 2014, Edinburgh
  4. Catalytic epoxidation by perrhenate through the formation of organic-phase supramolecular ion pairs
  5. Solvent extraction: the coordination chemistry behind extractive metallurgy
  6. Homo- and heteroleptic alkoxycarbene f-element complexes and their reactivity towards acidic N–H and C–H bonds
  7. Exploiting outer-sphere interactions to enhance metal recovery by solvent extraction
  8. Molecular approaches to the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
  9. Co-linear, double-uranyl coordination by an expanded Schiff-base polypyrrole macrocycle
  10. Synthesis and structures of transition metal pacman complexes of heteroditopic Schiff-base pyrrole macrocycles
  11. Theoretical exploration of uranyl complexes of a designed polypyrrolic macrocycle: structure/property effects of hinge size on Pacman-shaped complexes
  12. Hexagonal wheel formation through the hydrogen-bonded assembly of cobalt Pacman complexes
  13. Donor-extended tripodal pyrroles: encapsulation, metallation, and H-bonded tautomers
  14. Theoretical predictions of cofacial bis(actinyl) complexes of a stretched Schiff-base calixpyrrole ligand
  15. Chlorometallate and palladium cluster complexes of wide-span diimine and diamine ligands
  16. Tautomerisation and hydrogen-bonding interactions in four-coordinate metal halide and azide complexes of N-donor-extended dipyrromethanes
  17. Equatorial ligand substitution by hydroxide in uranyl Pacman complexes of a Schiff-base pyrrole macrocycle
  18. Tailoring dicobalt Pacman complexes of Schiff-base calixpyrroles towards dioxygenreduction catalysis
  19. Constructing cerium supramolecular wheels and encapsulating uranium with a Schiff-base calixpyrrole ligand