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  1. Beliefs that mind could be measured are based on ambiguous terms and concepts often mixed up
  2. Numbers from ratings: Scientists' measurement concepts do not match what raters think
  3. How different sciences produce their data: Commonalities and differences
  4. Leading scholars on integrating models of individual differences and mental health
  5. Models of individual differences: Guide to integrate expertise of different disciplines
  6. Individual differences and their biological foundations: Two millenia of research
  7. Basic Definitions in Personality Psychology: Challenges for Conceptual Integrations
  8. Observing or assessing personality? Five methods study shows the differences
  9. What is behaviour? And (when) is speaking behaviour?
  10. The challenges of studying experience
  11. Fundamental challenges of modern “personality” research
  12. How the psyche enables us to become actors in our lives. Development and evolution
  13. Models of individual differences cannot explain single persons: Common mistakes and new avenues
  14. Personality psychology: The challenges of studying individuality
  15. Categorising personality differences: Basic approaches and limitations of popular models
  16. From observations of behaviour to personality ratings: Biases and limitations
  17. Studying personality in behaviour: Concepts, methods and analyses demonstrated in primates
  18. Popular personality models derived from everyday language and ratings reveal only half of the story
  19. How to extract personality differences from behavioural measures: Concepts, approaches and analyses
  20. Personality in apes and monkeys: Applying concepts, approaches and methods from human research
  21. Personality in great apes: Behaviour measures vs ratings of behaviours and adjectives
  22. Categorising and comparing personality differences within and across species: Concepts and methods
  23. Categorising personality differences: Three core issues in research methodology
  24. Commentaries on "Comparing personality differences within and across species"
  25. Measuring personality differences in behaviour: Concepts, methods and analyses shown in great apes
  26. Counting and impulse control in great apes: Memorisation and transfer of skills to new situations
  27. Counting and impulse control in great apes: Effects of amount and visibility of food
  28. A paradigm summarising basic ideas of personality and integrating field's grand theories