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  1. The ability of screening to keep pace with the introduction of new chemicals and mixtures.
  2. Anthropocene event idea is empowering
  3. SDGs and Sustainable Regional Development
  4. We cannot condense our decision making on climate change to numerical calculations
  5. We Can Still Learn from History – A Tale of Trail-Blazers
  6. Is a good Anthropocene possible?
  7. Britain’s wealth lies in its people
  8. Who is responsible for climate change?
  9. Can genuine savings predict future well-being?
  10. Estimates of Britain’s comprehensive wealth 1760–2000
  11. Does Rawls Theory of Justice still matter on a warming planet?
  12. Suggestion for the Funding of Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Management Schemes
  13. How to finally reach a climate deal and settle our carbon debt!
  14. What caused the drop in Finlands sulphur dioxide emissions in late 20th century Finland?
  15. Does Rawls Theory of Justice fit in a warming world?
  16. Finlands emissions of carbon dioxide for the last two hundred years
  17. Production, exports and use of wood in protoindustry in Finland in the 19th century
  18. The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Air Pollution in Finland
  19. Energy Consumption in Slash-and-Burn Cultivation and Burning Cultivation of Peatlands in Finland
  20. Slash-and-Burn Cultivation in Nineteenth-Century Finland and Twentieth-Century Southeast Asia