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  1. Room-Temperature Fabrication of p-Type SnO Semiconductors Using Ion-Beam-Assisted Deposition
  2. Humidity influencing on Interparticle Adhesion
  3. Enhanced Plasmonic Biosensor Utilizing Paired Antibody and Label-Free Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Parkinson’s α-Synuclein in Serum
  4. Soft Polymer-Based Technique for Cellular Force Sensing
  5. Nano-biomechanical testing for dermal ageing
  6. Capillary adhesion between hydrogel particles
  7. Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 Determines the Cellular Properties of Endometrial Pericytes
  8. Examining Cell-Cell Interactions in the Kidney Using AFM Single-Cell Force Spectroscopy
  9. Collagen matrix stiffness influences fibroblast contraction force
  10. Quantifying cellular mechanics and adhesion using AFM
  11. Determination of work of adhesion of biological cell under AFM bead indentation
  12. Collagen matrix stiffness influencing on fibroblast contraction force
  13. Cell mechanics in biomedical cavitation
  14. A new technique for measuring cell contraction force
  15. Non-Destructive Mechanical Characterization of UVA/Riboflavin Crosslinked Collagen Hydrogels
  16. Nanomechanical investigation of biological cell adhesion using Atomic Force
  17. Quantitative investigation on beta cell adhesion and mechanics using AFM
  18. Nanobiomechanics of living materials
  19. Gene expression of single human mesenchymal stem cell in response to fluid shear
  20. TGFβ modulates cell-to-cell communication in early epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
  21. Calcium-Sensing Receptor Activation Increases Cell-Cell Adhesion and ß-Cell Function
  22. Nanoengineering life: from cell to tissue
  23. Biomimetic three-dimensional microenvironment for controlling stem cell fate
  24. Mechanical and Magnetic Stimulation on Cells for Bone Regeneration
  25. Influence of cell and collagen concentration on the cell–matrix mechanical relationship in a corneal stroma wound healing model
  26. Cells and Membranes
  27. Cells and Membranes
  28. Microfluidic Systems for Biosensing
  29. Online Monitoring of the Mechanical Behavior of Collagen Hydrogels: Influence of Corneal Fibroblasts on Elastic Modulus
  31. An optical-manipulation technique for cells in physiological flows
  32. Opto-Mechanical Manipulation of Stem Cells
  33. Dual-Camera Spherical Indentation System for Examining the Mechanical Characteristics of Hydrogels
  34. Post-bifurcation analysis of a thin-walled hyperelastic tube under inflation
  35. Mechanical characterization of biomimetic membranes by micro-shaft poking
  36. Multi-scale mechanical characterization of a freestanding polymer film using indentation
  37. Optical tweezers for single cells
  38. Correlations Between the Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Mechanical Properties of Erythrocyte by Laser Stretching
  39. Nanomechanical characterization of red blood cells using optical tweezers
  40. Non-destructive mechanical characterisation of UVA/riboflavin crosslinked collagen hydrogels
  41. An Indentation Technique to Characterize the Mechanical and Viscoelastic Properties of Human and Porcine Corneas
  42. A novel optical coherence tomography-based micro-indentation technique for mechanical characterization of hydrogels
  43. A novel cylindrical punch method to characterize interfacial adhesion and residual stress of a thin polymer film
  44. A novel OCT-based micro-indentation technique for mechanical characterization of soft tissues
  45. Viscoelastic Behavior of a Centrally Loaded Circular Film Being Clamped at the Circumference
  46. Deformation behaviour of soft particles: a review
  47. Human red blood cell deformed under thermal fluid flow
  48. Coupling bending and shear effects on liposome deformation
  49. The Deformation of an Erythrocyte Under the Radiation Pressure by Optical Stretch
  50. Characterizing the viscoelastic properties of thin hydrogel-based constructs for tissue engineering applications
  51. British Society for Matrix Biology Autumn Meeting 
Joint with the UK Tissue & Cell Engineering Society, University of Bristol, UK
  52. A systematic method for characterizing the elastic properties and adhesion of a thin polymer membrane
  53. Characterization of the mechanical properties of microscale elastomeric membranes
  54. Indentation of a square elastomeric thin film by a flat-ended cylindrical punch in the presence of long-range intersurface forces
  55. Bioadhesive characterization of poly(methylidene malonate 2.12) microparticle on model extracellular matrix
  56. A parameter study of the material properties in the vesicle–fluid interaction
  57. Shape Recovery of an Optically Trapped Vesicle: Effect of Flow Velocity and Temperature
  58. In situmechanical characterization of square microfabricated elastomeric membranes using an improved microindentation
  59. Viscous drag of deformed vesicles in optical trap: Experiments and simulations
  60. Contact Deformation of Liposome in the Presence of Osmosis
  61. Mechanical strength and interfacial failure analysis of cantilevered SU-8 microposts
  62. Thermal Effect on a Viscously Deformed Liposome in a Laser Trap
  63. A novel technique for characterizing elastic properties of thin biological membrane
  64. Characterizing viscoelastic properties of thin elastomeric membrane
  65. Characterizing capsule-substrate adhesion in presence of osmosis
  66. Capsule-substrate contact deformation: Determination of adhesion energy
  67. Contact mechanics of a thin-walled capsule adhered onto a rigid planar substrate
  68. A novel technique for mechanical characterization of thin elastomeric membrane
  69. New instrument for measuring mechanical compliance of microsystems
  70. Electroplated microneedle array for biomedical applications
  71. Novel technique for mechanical characterization of thin polymeric tissue membrane
  72. New model to characterise cell-substrate adhesion in the presence of osmosis
  73. Dynamic and spectral responses of a micromachined Fabry-Perot interferometer-based spectrometer
  74. Adhesive Contact Deformation of a Single Microelastomeric Sphere
  75. Adhesive Contact of a single microparticle
  76. A Mathematical Model for the Ultrafiltration through Mammalian Artery Wall.
  77. Compressive deformation of a single microcapsule
  78. Thermal effect on a viscously-deformed liposome in a laser trap