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  1. A rebalanced discussion of the roles of livestock in society
  2. Editorial: High Nature Value farming systems in Europe
  3. Innovation brokers in High Nature Value farming areas: a strategic approach to engage effective socioeconomic and agroecological dynamics
  4. Contribution of High Nature Value farming systems to sustainable livestock production: A case from Finland
  5. Semi-natural habitats in the European boreal region: Caught in the socio-ecological extinction vortex?
  6. Flies are important pollinators of mass-flowering caraway and respond to landscape and floral factors differently from honeybees
  7. Linking pollinator occurrence in field margins to pollinator visitation to a mass-flowering crop
  8. Keskeiset keinot luontokadon pysäyttämiseksi
  9. Luonnon monimuotoisuus ja vihreä elvytys
  10. Simplistic understandings of farmer motivations could undermine the environmental potential of the common agricultural policy
  11. Semi-natural habitats in boreal Europe: a rise of a social-ecological research agenda
  12. Conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Europe: Looking to the future by learning from the past
  13. The Common Agricultural Policy needs urgent action to solve environmental problems
  14. Organically grown cattle benefits farmland birds in Finland
  15. Paying public support to farmers by the ecological results they have is a promising option
  16. Late flowering time enhances insect pollination of turnip rape
  17. Weak effects of farming practices corresponding to agricultural greening measures on farmland bird diversity in boreal landscapes
  18. Coincidence of High Nature Value farmlands with bird and butterfly diversity
  19. Perennial fallow strips support biological pest control in spring cereal in Northern Europe
  20. Public support to farmers by the ecological results supports farmers's conservation activities
  21. Evidence for positive population-level effects of an agri-environment scheme on grassland butterflies
  22. Linking pollinator abundance in field margins to crop pollination service
  23. Applying trait-based community metrics of relevance to conservation for understanding community patterns of farmland birds in Northwest Russia
  24. Time to look for evidence: Results-based approach to biodiversity conservation on farmland in Europe
  25. Grazing horses on natural pastures helps biodiversity and can be good also for horses
  26. High cover of forest increases the abundance of most grassland butterflies in boreal farmland
  27. Probing the grounds: Developing a payment-by-results agri-environment scheme in Finland
  28. Voluntary non-monetary approaches for implementing conservation
  29. Community composition of butterflies and bumblebees in fallows: niche breadth and dispersal capacity modify responses to fallow type and landscape
  30. Differing effects of fallow type and landscape structure on the occurrence of plants, pollinators and birds on environmental fallows in Finland
  31. Harnessing the biodiversity value of Central and Eastern European farmland
  32. Socially optimal drainage system and agricultural biodiversity: A case study for Finnish landscape
  33. Plant functional diversity in agricultural margins and fallow fields varies with landscape complexity level: Conservation implications
  34. What motivates farmers to maintain natural grasslands?
  35. Environmentally friendly management as an intermediate strategy between organic and conventional agriculture to support biodiversity
  36. Farmland bird communities in an agricultural landscape in Northwest Russia: Seasonal and spatial patterns
  37. Environmental fallows as a new policy tool to safeguard farmland biodiversity in Finland
  38. Type of agricultural drainage modifies the value of fields for farmland birds
  39. Toward effective nature conservation on farmland: making farmers matter
  40. Importance of set-aside for breeding birds of open farmland in Finland
  41. Conservation of Farmland Birds Faces Different Challenges in Western and Central-Eastern Europe
  42. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in organically managed red clover–grass leys under farming conditions
  43. Ecological impacts of early 21st century agricultural change in Europe – A review
  44. Agricultural drainage ditches, their biological importance and functioning
  45. Effects of landscape complexity on farmland birds in the Baltic States