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  1. Business Model Innovation in Airlines
  2. Analysis of the Organizational Structure of Enterprises of Technological Basis With Projects Without Incubators
  3. Adopting Advertising and Communication Innovations in Small Firms
  4. Políticas de Inovação: um estudo comparativo entre Brasil e França
  5. Tecnologias da Administração e Perenidade das Micro e Pequenas Empresas
  6. Innovation in the management of lessons learned in an IT project with the adoption of social media
  7. Innovation and Customer Retention in the Ghanaian telecommunication industry
  8. Maintenance Management and Innovation in Industries: A Survey of Moroccan Companies
  9. Factor State In Innovative Ecosystems: A Comparison Between Brazil and Germany
  10. Conceptualization and theorization of the Big Data
  11. Business Incubation as an Instrument of Innovation: The Experience of South America and the Caribbean
  12. Managing Risks and Stakeholders in the Design of a new Financial Product
  13. Sustainable practices and eco-innovations adopted by industrial companies
  14. A Cooperative Approach to Academic Entrepreneurial Initiatives
  16. Cross Innovation approach and the creative industries: a case study in the city of Lisbon, Portugal
  17. Patterns of Technological Innovation: A Comparative Analysis between Low-tech and High-tech Industries in Brazil
  18. Innovation Habitat: Sustainable possibilities for the society
  19. Marketing communications model for innovation networks
  20. Virtual R&D Teams for New Product Development
  21. Searching for a Path: A Bibliometric study on Innovation and Technological Capabilities
  22. A Inovação nas Empresas de Caruaru
  23. Strategy as practice and Organizational Routines: A Start Point to Innovate
  24. A Proposal to Manage Lessons Learned in Projects: Web 2.0 Technologies to Promote Innovation
  25. Innovation in the Strategies of Internationalization of Brazilian Multinationals: Evaluation of the Cultural National Dimensions: A Study Case of the Meat Processing Sector
  26. Organizational Factors and Intrapreneurial Competences
  27. Innovating Healthcare Processes for Speed and Effectiveness
  28. Significant Factors in the Technological Profile of Innovative Companies in the return of Capital in Technological Innovation
  29. International Journal of Innovation