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  1. Systematic tuning of the photo-dielectric effect in Ba(Al1–xZnx)2O4–δ
  2. Impurity-Induced Spin-State Crossover in La0.8Sr0.2Co1−xAlxO3
  3. Transport and Magnetic Properties of CaPd3−xCuxO4 (x ≤ 2.4) with Interconnecting Cu(Pd)O4 Chain Structure
  4. Microstructure and optical properties of ultra-thin NiO films grown by atomic layer deposition
  5. Unusually Small Thermal Expansion of Ordered Perovskite Oxide CaCu3Ru4O12 with High Conductivity
  6. Dynamical coupling of dilute magnetic impurities with quantum spin liquid state in the S  =  3/2 dimer compound Ba3ZnRu2O9
  7. Trial of an All-Ceramic SnO2 Gas Sensor Equipped with CaCu3Ru4O12 Heater and Electrode
  8. Structural variations and dielectric properties of (Bi1−xLax)2SiO5 ( 0≤x≤0.1 ): Polycrystallines synthesized by crystallization of Bi-Si-O and Bi-La-Si-O glasses
  9. Spin-liquid-like state in a spin-1/2 square-lattice antiferromagnet perovskite induced by d10–d0 cation mixing
  10. Photo-induced persistent enhancement of dielectric permittivity in Zn:BaAl2O4
  11. Magneto-thermopower in the Weak Ferromagnetic Oxide CaRu0.8Sc0.2O3: An Experimental Test for the Kelvin Formula in a Magnetic Material
  12. Anomalous Thermoelectric Response in an Orbital-Ordered Oxide Near and Far from Equilibrium
  13. Spin State of Co3+ in LaCo1−xRhxO3 Studied Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  14. Enhancement of the dielectric permittivity of (Nb1/2In1/2)0.02Ti0.98O2 single crystals at low temperatures due to (Nb + In) codoping
  15. Magnetoelectric Coupling in the Pyrochlore Ruthenate Gd2Ru2O7
  16. Intrinsic Enhancement of Dielectric Permittivity in (Nb + In) co-doped TiO2 single crystals
  17. Giant inductance in non-ohmic conductor
  18. Element Strategy Using Ru-Mn Substitution in CuO-CaCu3Ru4O12 Composite Ceramics with High Electrical Conductivity
  19. Broadband micro light scattering observation of ferroelectric sodium metavanadate
  20. Optical evidence for the spin-state disorder in LaCo1−x Rh x O3
  21. High electrical conductivity of composite ceramics consisting of insulating oxide and ordered perovskite conducting oxide
  22. Optical control of dielectric permittivity in LaAl0.99Zn0.01O3-δ
  23. Improper Ferroelectricity in Stuffed Aluminate Sodalites for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
  24. Absence of Magnetic Long Range Order in Ba3ZnRu2O9: A Spin-Liquid Candidate in the S = 3/2 Dimer Lattice
  25. Improper ferroelectrics as high-efficiency energy conversion materials
  26. Research Update: Oxide thermoelectrics: Beyond the conventional design rules
  27. Anomalous thickness-dependent optical energy gap of ALD-grown ultra-thin CuO films
  28. Colossal Seebeck effect enhanced by quasi-ballistic phonons dragging massive electrons in FeSb2
  29. Rapid synthesis of thermoelectric compounds by laser melting
  30. Comparison With Ground States of Frustrated Quantum Spin Chain Systems A2Cu2Mo3O12(A = Rb and Cs)
  31. Optical sheet conductivities of layered oxides
  32. Novel Charge Ordering in the Trimer Iridium Oxide BaIrO3
  33. Ferromagnetic Cluster Glass Phase Embedded in a Paramagnetic and Metallic Host in Non-Uniform Magnetic System CaRu 1− x Sc x O 3
  34. Temperature dependence of electrical transport properties of La 4 BaCu 5− x Co x O 13+δ conducting oxide thin films
  35. Usefulness of Mesoporous Silica as a Template for the Preparation of Bundles of Bi Nanowires with Precisely Controlled Diameter Below 10 nm
  36. Optical conductivity of layered calcium cobaltate Ca 3 Co 4 O 9
  37. Search for non-equilibrium thermoelectrics
  38. Heterovalent Pb-substitution in ferroelectric bismuth silicate Bi2SiO5
  39. Thermal Conductivity and Thermoelectric Power of Semiconductors
  40. Design and discovery of materials guided by theory and computation
  41. Solid-Phase Epitaxial Growth of A-Site-Ordered Perovskite Sr4−xErxCo4O12−δ: A Room Temperature Ferrimagnetic p-Type Semiconductor
  42. Effects of element substitution on the pyroelectric phase transition of stuffed-tridymite-type BaZnGeO4
  43. Magnetic and Crystal Structures of the Room Temperature Ferrimagnet Sr 3 YCo 4 O 10.5
  44. Effects of the Ir Impurity on the Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Ba 4 Ru 3 O 10
  45. Photo-Seebeck effect in polycrystalline ZnO
  46. An origin of good electrical conduction in La4BaCu5O13+δ
  47. Anomalous magnetic order in the magnetoelectric oxide NdCrTiO 5 revealed by impurity effects
  48. Dynamics of Charge Ordering in the Nonlinear Regime of θ-(BEDT-TTF) 2 CsZn(SCN) 4
  49. Photo-Seebeck effect in ZnS
  50. Non-uniform Magnetic System Driven by Non-magnetic Ion Substitution in CaRu 1− x Sc x O 3 : Two-Component Analysis
  51. Ruthenium oxide as a thermoelectric material: unconventional thermoelectric properties of Li2RuO3
  52. Fabrication of Π-structured Bi-Te thermoelectric micro-device by electrodeposition
  53. Photo-transport properties of Pb2CrO5 single crystals
  54. Unconventional magnetism in the layered oxide LaSrRhO 4
  55. Metal–semiconductor transition in atomically thin Bi2Sr2Co2O8nanosheets
  56. Disorder Effect for an Orbital Order in Ca 2 RuO 4 Revealed by Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy
  57. Electrons on deck
  58. Weak Ferromagnetic Ordering Disordered by Rh 3+ Ions for LaCo 0.8 Rh 0.2 O 3
  59. Magnetic Properties of Li 2 ZrCuO 4 which was Regarded as a Quasi 1D J 1 – J 2 Magnet near a Ferromagnetic QCP
  60. Optical Study of a Novel Phase Transition from Dimer-Mott to Charge-Order Insulator
  61. Low Temperature Magnetic Properties of Frustrated Quantum Spin Chain System Rb 2 Cu 2 Mo 3 O 12
  62. Possible Existence of Two Charge-Ordered Phases in Pr 1− x Ca x MnO 3 for 0.40 ≤ x ≤ 0.50
  63. Pseudogap Observed in the Charge Transport in the Thermoelectric Oxide Ca 3− x Bi x Co 4 O 9 Single Crystals
  64. Electrical oscillation in SmS induced by a constant external voltage
  65. Trials for oxide photo-thermoelectrics
  66. Photo-induced change of dielectric response in BaCoSiO4 stuffed tridymite
  67. Optical Conductivity Measurement of a Dimer Mott-Insulator to Charge-Order Phase Transition in a Two-Dimensional Quarter-Filled Organic Salt Compound
  68. Spin State of Co 3+ in LaCo 1- x Rh x O 3 Investigated by Structural Phenomena
  69. Photo-Seebeck effect in tetragonal PbO single crystals
  70. Origin of the energy gap in the narrow-gap semiconductor FeSb 2 revealed by high-pressure magnetotransport measurements
  71. Current-Induced Gap Suppression in the Mott Insulator Ca 2 RuO 4
  72. X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis and Ru Valence of Ba 4 Ru 3 O 10 Single Crystals
  73. Disordered conduction in single-crystalline dimer Mott compounds
  74. Magnetic field induced ferroelectric transition of quasi one-dimensional frustrated quantum spin chain system Rb2Cu2Mo3O12
  75. Dielectric anomaly in the quasi-one-dimensional frustrated spin- 1 2 system Rb 2 (Cu 1 − x M x ) 2 Mo 3 O 12 ( M = Ni and Zn)
  76. Thermoelectric characteristics of (Zn,Al)O/hydroquinone superlattices
  77. Room-temperature proton transport and its effect on thermopower in a solid ionic semiconductor, TTFCOONH4
  78. Layered Cobalt Oxides: Correlated Electrons for Thermoelectrics
  79. Atomic layer deposition of Al-doped ZnO thin films
  80. Preface: progress in synthesis and characterization of energy materials
  81. Photo-Seebeck Effect in ZnO
  82. Electron doping of ALD-grown ZnO thin films through Al and P substitutions
  83. High-temperature thermoelectric properties of the double-perovskite ruthenium oxide (Sr1−xLax)2ErRuO6
  84. Ga 3 + substitution effects in the weak ferromagnetic oxide LaCo 0.8 Rh 0.2 O 3
  85. High-field magnetization and magnetoresistance of the A -site ordered perovskite oxide CaCu 3 Ti 4 − x Ru x O 12 ( 0 ⩽ x ⩽ 4 )
  86. Thermal Rectification in the Vicinity of a Structural Phase Transition
  87. Thermoelectric module made of perovskite cobalt oxides with large thermopower
  88. Low-temperature magnetotransport of the narrow-gap semiconductor FeSb 2
  89. Weak Ferromagnetism in LaCo 1- x Rh x O 3 : Anomalous Magnetism Emerging between Two Nonmagnetic End Phases
  90. Relationship between ferroelectricity and magnetic structure of PbCuSO 4 (OH) 2 with CuO 2 ribbon chains
  91. High-temperature oxide thermoelectrics
  92. Anisotropic thermoelectric properties associated with dimensional crossover in quasi-one-dimensional SrNbO 3.4 + d ( d ∼ 0.03 )
  93. Antiferromagnetic order and consequences on the transport properties of Ba 4 Ru 3 O 10
  94. Optical study of the electronic structure and correlation effects in K 0.49 RhO 2
  95. Polaron formation as a genuine nonequilibrium phenomenon
  96. Effects of ppm-Level Imperfection on the Transport Properties of FeSb 2 Single Crystals
  97. Multiferroic Behavior in the Quasi-One-Dimensional Frustrated Spin-1/2 System PbCuSO 4 (OH) 2 with CuO 2 Ribbon Chains
  98. Magnetic and transport properties of the spin-state disordered oxide La 0 . 8 Sr 0 . 2 Co 1 − x Rh x O 3 − δ
  99. The giant anomalous Hall effect in the ferromagnet Fe 3 Sn 2 —a frustrated kagome metal
  100. Thermal rectification in bulk materials with asymmetric shape
  101. Orbital Ordering of Intermediate-Spin State of Co 3+ in Sr 3 YCo 4 O 10.5
  102. Uniaxial colossal magnetoresistance in the Ising magnet SrCo 12 O 19
  103. Thermal Conductivity and Thermoelectric Power of Semiconductors
  104. STM/STS study of electronic states in highly underdoped Bi2212
  105. Thermoelectric Properties of Oxygen-Tuned ALD-Grown [Ca 2 CoO 3 ] 0.62 [CoO 2 ] Thin Films
  106. ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis, Structure, and Physical Properties of A-Site Ordered Perovskites ACu3Co4O12 (A: Ca and Y).
  107. Synthesis, Structure, and Physical Properties of A -site Ordered Perovskites A Cu 3 Co 4 O 12 ( A = Ca and Y)
  108. Anomalous dielectric response in the dimer Mott insulator κ − ( BEDT-TTF ) 2 Cu 2 ( CN ) 3
  109. A Trial Thermal Rectifier
  110. Nonequilibrium charge ordering in θ-(BEDT-TTF)2MM′(SCN)4(M=Rb, Cs; M′=Co, Zn)
  111. Pressure effect on the competing charge ordered states in -(BEDT-TTF)2CsZn(SCN)4
  112. In-plane thermoelectric properties of heavily underdoped high-temperature superconductor Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+δ
  113. Microstructure control on thermoelectric properties of Ca0.96Sm0.04MnO3 synthesised by co-precipitation technique
  114. Charge Order Competition Leading to Nonlinearity in Organic Thyristor Family
  115. A Mechanism of DC-AC Conversion in the Organic Thyristor
  116. Evolution of electronic structure from insulator to superconductor in Bi 2 Sr 2 − x La x ( Ca , Y ) Cu 2 O 8 + δ
  117. Transport properties of the layered Rh oxide K 0.49 RhO 2
  118. Spin State Control of the Perovskite Rh/Co Oxides
  119. High Field Magnetism of Sr0.78Y0.22CoO3−δ Under High Pressure
  120. High-field Magnetization and Magnetoresistance of CaCu3Ti4−x Ru x O12
  121. Novel thermoelectric properties of complex transition-metal oxides
  122. Pressure effect on magnetic properties of a weak ferromagnet BaIrO 3
  123. Magnetic properties of Sr 0.78 Y 0.22 CoO 3−δ under high pressure
  124. High-resolution electron microscopy for incommensurate structure of KxRhO2crystal
  125. An oxide thermal rectifier
  126. Giant nonlinear conductivity in an organic conductor with a sharp metal-insulator transition: β ″ − ( BEDT-TTF ) 3 ( HSO 4 ) 2
  127. High-Tc superconductor near the S–I transition
  128. Chemical and Physical Pressure Effects on the Magnetic and Transport Properties of the A-Site Ordered Perovskite Sr 3 YCo 4 O 10.5
  129. Bulk-sensitive photoemission study of A Cu 3 Ru 4 O 12 ( A = Ca , Na, and La) with heavy-fermion behavior
  130. Anomalous thermopower in the organic compound θ − ( BEDT-TTF ) 2 Rb M ( SCN ) 4 ( M = Zn , Co )
  131. Out-of-plane thermopower of strongly correlated layered systems: An application to Bi 2 ( Sr , La ) 2 CaCu 2 O 8 + δ
  132. Thermal Conductivity and Dimensionless Figure of Merit of Thermoelectric Rhodium Oxides Measured by a Modified Harman Method
  133. Giant nonlinear conduction from inhomogeneous charge order in rapidly cooled θ − ( BEDT-TTF ) 2 RbZn ( SCN ) 4
  134. Static magnetic order and anisotropy of the layered cobalt dioxides and
  135. Nonlinear dynamics of conduction electrons in organic conductors
  136. Heat capacity proportional to T 2 induced by Ru substitution in CaCu 3 ( Ti 4 − x Ru x ) O 12 ( x ≈ 0.5 )
  137. On the Excess Oxygen in Four-Layered Rock-Salt-Type Units of Modulated Thermoelectric Bi-Sr-(Co,Rh)-O Compounds
  138. Thermoelectric properties of LaRh 1− x Ni x O 3
  139. Current-Density Dependence of the Charge-Ordering Gap in the Organic Salt θ-(BEDT-TTF) 2 Cs M (SCN) 4 ( M =Zn, Co, and Co 0.7 Zn 0.3 )
  140. Nanoscale spin-dependent transport in a weak itinerant ferromagnet BaIrO 3
  141. Thermoelectric Properties of B-Site Substituted LaRhO3
  142. Transport Properties and Cationic Substitutions in Sr2IrO4
  143. Soft X-ray Absorption and Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of Cobalt-Based Thermoelectric Oxides: $$\hbox{Ca}_3\hbox{Co}_4\hbox{O}_9$$ , $$\hbox{Ca}_3\hbox{Co}_2\hbox{O}_6$$ , and $$\hbox{Bi}_{2}\hbox{Sr}_{2}\hbox{Co}_2\hbox{O}_{y}$$
  144. Field-induced spin-state transition in the perovskite cobalt oxide Sr 1 − x Y x CoO 3 − δ
  145. Unconventional critical behavior in the weak ferromagnet BaIrO 3
  146. Comparative μ + SR investigation of static magnetic order and anisotropy of the pure and Pb-doped Bi 2 Sr 2 Co 2 O y layered cobalt dioxides
  147. Temperature and electric-current dependence of charge-ordered domains in θ-(BEDT-TTF) 2 CsZn(SCN) 4
  148. ChemInform Abstract: High Pressure Synthesis and Structure of a New Magnetoplumbite-Type Cobalt Oxide SrCo12O19.
  149. Thermoelectrics: Nanostructuring and more
  150. Thermal Conductivity of Thermoelectric Rhodium Oxides Measured by a Modified Harman Method
  151. Insight on the electronic state of Sr 2 IrO 4 revealed by cationic substitutions
  152. Non-thermal Evidence for Current-Induced Melting of Charge Order in θ-(BEDT-TTF) 2 CsZn(SCN) 4
  153. High pressure synthesis and structure of a new magnetoplumbite-type cobalt oxide SrCo12O19
  154. Giant Nonlinear Conductivity and Spontaneous Current Oscillation in an Incommensurate Organic Superconductor
  155. 熱電酸化物の物理と物質設計
  156. Dielectric constant and ac conductivity of the layered cobalt oxide Bi 2 Sr 2 Co O 6 + δ : A possible metal-dielectric composite made by self-organization of Co 2 + and Co 3 + ions
  157. Thermoelectric Properties of Sintered and Textured Nd-Substituted Ca 3 Co 4 O 9 Ceramics
  158. Transport properties of the quasi-one-dimensional barium ruthenates
  159. Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12/CaTiO3Multilayer Thin Films Synthesized by PLD Method
  160. Transport properties of a single crystal of misfit cobaltate with double RS-type Sr–O layers
  161. Structure-property relationship in the ordered-perovskite-related oxide Sr 3.12 Er 0.88 Co 4 O 10.5
  162. Modulated structure of the misfit-layered compound Bi2.12Ba2.00Rh1.95Ox
  163. Origin of colossal dielectric response of CaCu3Ti4O12 studied by using CaTiO3∕CaCu3Ti4O12∕CaTiO3 multilayer thin films
  164. Nonlinear conductivity with an extremely small threshold electric field in the organic conductor ( TSM − TTP ) ( I 3 ) 5 ∕ 3
  165. Nonlinear thermoelectric properties of layered cobalt oxides
  166. Two-Staged Magnetoresistance Driven by the Ising-Like Spin Sublattice in SrCo 6 O 11
  167. Modulated Structure of Bi1.8Sr2.0Rh1.6Ox
  168. Magnetic field dependence of resistivity for Ce0.8La0.2(Ru0.85Rh0.15)2Si2
  169. Transport properties of magnetic metal SrCo6O11
  170. Heated Discussion on the Heat Dragged by an Electron
  171. New aspects of nonlinear conductivity in organic charge-transfer salts
  172. Thermoelectric properties of the AA′3B4O12-type ordered perovskite oxides
  173. Modulated Structure of Bi1.8Sr2.0Rh1.6Ox
  174. Unusual impurity effect on room-temperature ferromagnet Sr3YCo4O10.56
  175. Transport properties of the delafossite Rh oxide Cu 1 − x Ag x Rh 1 − y Mg y O 2 : Effect of Mg substitution on the resistivity and Hall coefficient
  176. Electronic structure of single-crystalline thermoelectric Bi 2 − x Pb x Sr 2 Co 2 O y ( x = 0 , 0.6 ) from photoemission and x-ray absorption
  177. Distinct Fermi-Momentum-Dependent Energy Gaps in Deeply Underdoped Bi2212
  178. High-Temperature Metallic State of Room-Temperature Ferromagnet Sr 1- x Y x CoO 3-δ
  179. Transport Properties of Misfit-Layered Cobalt Oxide [Sr 2 O 2-δ ] 0.53 CoO 2
  180. Transport properties of the thermoelectric layered cobalt oxide Pb–Sr–Co–O single crystals
  181. Novel physics and functions in the layered cobalt oxides from thermoelectricity to ferromagnetism
  182. Current-Induced Metallic State in an Organic (EDT-TSF) 2 GaCl 4 Conductor
  183. Electronic structure of CaCu 3 Ru 4 O 12 studied by x-ray photoemission spectroscopy
  184. Giant nonlinear conduction and thyristor-like negative differential resistance in BaIrO 3 single crystals
  185. Intrinsic Inhomogeneity in strongly correlated systems: a possible playground for the cosmology in the lab
  186. Complex Oxide Materials for Potential Thermoelectric Applications
  187. Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Pd Oxide R 2 PdO 4 (R = La, Nd, Sm, and Gd)
  188. Crystal Structure of Misfit-Layered Compound [Bi 1.94 Ba 1.83 O y ] 0.56 [RhO 2 ]
  189. Thermoelectronic properties of the strongly-correlated oxide BaIrO3
  190. Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in a Sr0.75Y0.25CoO2.64 Single Crystal
  191. Crystal Structure of Thermoelectric Compound [Bi 1.79 Sr 1.98 O y ] 0.63 [RhO 2 ]
  192. Introduction to thermoelectricity
  193. Apparent Colossal Dielectric Relaxation in SrTiO 3 at High Temperature
  194. Room-temperature ferromagnetism in Sr 1 − x Y x Co O 3 − δ ( 0.2 ⩽ x ⩽ 0.25 )
  195. An organic thyristor
  196. CaCu3Ti4O12∕CaTiO3 composite dielectrics: Ba∕Pb-free dielectric ceramics with high dielectric constants
  197. Pressure/temperature/substitution-induced melting of A -site charge disproportionation in Bi 1 − x La x NiO 3 ( 0 ⩽ x ⩽ 0.5 )
  198. X-ray absorption study of layered Co oxides with a Co-O triangular lattice
  199. Transport Properties and Electronic States in the Layered Thermoelectric Rhodate (Bi 1- x Pb x ) 1.8 Ba 2 Rh 1.9 O y
  200. Physical Properties of Bi-Based Rhodium Oxides with RhO 2 Hexagonal Layers
  201. Thermoelectric materials in layered transition-metal oxides
  202. Large Dielectric Constant and Giant Nonlinear Conduction in the Organic Conductor θ-(BEDT-TTF) 2 CsZn(SCN) 4
  203. Out-of-plane thermal conductivity of the layered thermoelectric oxide Bi 2 − x Pb x Sr 2 Co 2 O y
  204. Effects of next-nearest-neighbor hopping t ′ on the electronic structure of cuprate superconductors
  205. A Novel Heavy-Fermion State in CaCu 3 Ru 4 O 12
  206. Angle-resolved photoemission study of the lightly doped cuprates Bi2212
  207. Oxygen nonstoichiometry and cobalt valence in misfit-layered cobalt oxides
  208. Thermopower anisotropy of lightly-doped and optimally-doped Bi2Sr2−xLaxCaCu2O8+δ single crystals
  209. Thermal conductivity of the thermoelectric layered cobalt oxides measured by the Harman method
  210. Dielectric responses of the layered cobalt oxysulfide Sr2Cu2CoO2S2 with CoO2 square planes
  211. Universal charge transport of the Mn oxides in the high temperature limit
  212. Negative Thermoelectric Power Induced by Positive Carriers in CaMn 3- x Cu x Mn 4 O 12
  213. Crystal Structures and Thermoelectric Properties of the Layered Cobalt Oxides
  214. Metal-insulator transition in Ca 1 − x Li x Pd 3 O 4
  215. Transport properties of Bi2Sr2−xLaxCaCu2O8+δ single crystals grown by a floating-zone method
  216. Chemical potential shift in lightly doped to overdoped Bi 2 Sr 2 Ca 1 − x R x Cu 2 O 8 + y ( R = Pr , Er)
  217. NMR studies of Co-oxides with large thermoelectric performance
  218. Out-of-plane dielectric constant of $theta;-(BEDT-TTF)2RbZn(SCN)4 single crystal
  219. Unconventional electronic transition in NaxCoO2 with a precisely controlled Na nonstoichiometry
  220. Unusual impurity effects on the dielectric properties of CaCu3$minus;xMnxTi4O12
  221. Transport properties and electronic states of the thermoelectric oxide NaCo2O4
  222. Unconventional magnetic transition and transport behavior in Na 0.75 CoO 2
  223. Universality of the electronic structure from a half-filled CuO 2 plane
  224. Block-Layer Concept for the Layered Cobalt Oxide: A Design for Thermoelectric Oxides
  225. Anomalous Pd substitution effects in the thermoelectric oxide NaCo 2 x Pd x O 4
  226. Charge transport of Bi2−xPbxSr2ErCu2O8 single crystals near the insulator–superconductor transition
  227. In-plane anisotropy on the transport properties in the modulated Bi2O2-based conductors Bi-2212 and Bi–Sr–Co–O
  228. Doping dependence of anisotropic resistivities in the trilayered superconductor Bi 2 Sr 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O 1 0 + δ
  229. Large In-Plane Anisotropy on Resistivity and Thermopower in the Misfit Layered Oxide Bi2-xPbxSr2Co2Oy
  230. Thermoelectric Properties of the Brownmillerite Oxide Ca 2- y La y Co 2- x Al x O 5
  231. Impurity-induced transition and impurity-enhanced thermopower in the thermoelectric oxide NaCo 2 − x Cu x O 4
  232. Thermal Conductivity of A x BO 2 -type Layered Oxides Na 0.77 MnO 2 and LiCoO 2
  233. Out-of-plane dielectric constant and insulator-superconductor transition in Bi 2 Sr 2 Dy 1- x Er x Cu 2 O 8 single crystals
  234. Thermoelectric Device of Na(Co, Cu)2O4 and (Ba, Sr)PbO3.
  235. Out-of-plane dielectric response of the two-dimensional Mott insulators
  236. Thermoelectric Properties of NaCo2-xCuxO4 Improved by the Substitution of Cu for Co
  237. Cobalt Oxides and Kondo Semiconductors: A Pseudogap System as a Thermoelectric Material.
  238. Thermoelectric Properties of Bi 2.3- x Pb x Sr 2.6 Co 2 O y Single Crystals
  239. Scaling behaviour of the in-plane thermopower in Bi 2 Sr 2 RCu 2 O 8 (R = Ca, Y, Pr, Dy and Er)
  240. Low thermal conductivity of the layered oxide ( N a , C a ) Co 2 O 4 : Another example of a phonon glass and an electron crystal
  241. Pressure effects on anisotropic resistivity in detwinned YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 − δ : Unconventional carrier doping
  242. Specific-heat evidence for strong electron correlations in the thermoelectric material ( N a , C a ) Co 2 O 4
  243. Na-site substitution effects on the thermoelectric properties of NaCo 2 O 4
  244. Impurity effects on the superconducting coherence length in Zn- or Ni-doped YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6.9 single crystals
  245. Strained YBa2Fe3O8-δ Films Lattice-Matched to YBa2Cu3O7-δ
  246. Pressure effect on quasi-one-dimensional charge transport in PrBa 2 Cu 4 O 8 : Magnetotransport study
  247. Anisotropic resistivity of the antiferromagnetic insulator
  248. Thermoelectric properties of Sr 1- x La x PbO 3 ( xle 0.02)
  249. In-plane anisotropy of vortex-lattice melting in large YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 single crystals
  250. Out-of-plane thermopower in the mixed state of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6.92 single crystals
  251. Unusual resistivity broadening in the mixed state of NdBa2Cu3O7−δ crystals grown by a crystal-pulling technique
  252. Impurity (Ni,Zn) Effects on Resistive Broadening in YBa2Cu3Oy Crystals
  253. Vortex Lattice Melting in Untwinned Single Crystal YBa2Cu3O7 When Fields Are Applied Parallel to CuO2 Plane
  254. Anisotropic Hall mobility in slightly overdoped YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6.92 from magnetoresistance and Hall-coefficient measurements
  255. Optical study of c-axis charge dynamics in YBa 2 Cu 3 O y :nnCarrier self-confinement in the normal and the superconducting states
  256. Universal Hall mobility in c -axis-oriented Y 0.5 Ca 0.5 Ba 2 Cu 3 O 7 − δ thin films
  257. Transport and Cu NMR studies of charge and spin dynamics in PrBa2Cu4O8
  258. Low-temperature charge transport in PrBa 2 Cu 4 O 8 : Electronic states of the doped Cu-O chain
  259. Zn-substitution effects on the normal optical conductivity and the superconducting gap
  260. Seebeck and Nernst effects in the mixed state of Y Ba 2 Cu 3 O y single crystals: A probe for the scattering rate of quasiparticles
  261. Anisotropic magnetoresistance in slightly overdoped YBa2Cu3Oy crystals
  262. Anomalous scattering time in high-T c superconducting cuprates
  263. Effect of Impurity on Magnetic Phase of Spin-Peierls System; Magnetization of Cu 1- x Zn x GeO 3
  264. Thermomagnetic Effect in YBa2Cu3Oy Single Crystals
  265. Normal-state transport properties of slightly overdoped Y Ba 2 Cu 3 O y crystals prepared by a crystal-pulling technique
  266. Spectroscopic study of the electronic states of single-crystal CuGeO 3
  267. Origin of low-temperature residual absorption in YBa2Cu3Oy
  268. Effect of substitution of Zn2+ for Cu2+ on the magnetic properties of La2Cu1−xZnxO4 single crystals
  269. Out-of-plane transport in thick single-crystal YBa2Cu3O7−δ
  270. Linear ac magnetic response near the vortex-glass transition in single-crystalline YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7
  271. Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8 + δ thin films associated with vortex-string pairing
  272. Thin film growth of layered cobalt‐oxide Bi2Sr3Co2O9+δnearly isomorphic to Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δsuperconductors
  273. Magnetization of pure and Zn-doped spin-Peierls cuprate CuGeO3 in high magnetic field
  274. Effect of magnetic field on a spin-peierls cuprate, CuGeO3
  275. Spin-Peierls transition in a cuprate CuGeO3
  276. Heat Capacity in an Inorganic Spin-Peierls System CuGeO 3
  277. Effects of substitution of Zn for Cu in the spin-Peierls cuprate, CuGeO 3 : The suppression of the spin-Peierls transition and the occurrence of a new spin-glass state
  278. Magnetic phase diagram of the spin-Peierls cuprate CuGeO 3
  279. Superconductivity in ultrathin films consisting of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ/Bi2Sr2CuO6+δheterostructures
  280. Observation of the spin-Peierls transition in linear Cu 2 + (spin-1/2) chains in an inorganic compound CuGeO 3
  281. Optical reflectivity of single-crystal Bi 2 M 3 Co 2 O 9 + δ ( M =Ca, Sr, and Ba) from the infrared to the vacuum-ultraviolet region
  282. Doping effects on the anisotropic magnetic susceptibility in single-crystal La2−xSrxCuO4
  283. A New Method of Determining T c (H) of Single-Crystal La2−xSrxCuO4 from the Field-Dependent Susceptibility Above T c
  284. In-situ growth of Bi2Sr2Can−1CunOy superconducting ultrathin films prepared by MBE technique and their characterization
  285. Anisotropic susceptibility in the normal state and superconducting fluctuation-induced diamagnetism of single-crystal La2−xSraCuO4
  286. nz.sbnd;dependence of superconducting properties in Bi2Sr2Can−1CunOy thin films prepared by in-situ MBE technique
  287. Optical study of Bi2Sr2Can−1CunO4+2n+δ—Doping effects, n-dependence of the spectra and characteristics of the CuO2 plane
  288. Preparation and physical properties of the spinel Ti and V oxides
  289. In-Situ Growth of Sequentially Deposited Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Thin Films by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Technique
  290. Broadening of the resistive superconducting transition under the magnetic field investigated by the conduction noise measurement
  291. In-situ growth of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films by shutter-controlled molecular beam epitaxy
  292. Optical study of the doping effect in the metallic oxide (Nd,Sr) CoO 3
  293. The dielectric functions of high-T c cuprates obtained from the optical and electron energy loss measurements
  294. Anomalous Magnetoresistance in LaB 6 Thin Films
  295. Unusual Physical Properties of Bi2Sr2Can-1CunOy Family Materials
  296. Preparation and Physical Properties of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Films Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Using Pure Ozone
  297. Optical reflectivity spectra of single-crystal Bi 2 Sr 2 Ca n − 1 Cu n O 2 n + 4 + x ( n =1 and 2)
  298. The optical study of the doping effect in single-crystal Bi2Sr2(Ca, A)Cu2O8+x (A=YorNd)
  299. Superconducting Films of YBa 2 Cu 3 O x and Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Fabricated by Electron-Beam Deposition with a Single Source
  300. Layered Cobalt Oxides as a Thermoelecric Material
  301. Introduction to thermoelectricity
  302. Physics of the thermoelectric oxide NaCo/sub 2/O/sub 4/: A guide to new thermoelectric oxides
  303. The effects of the misfit structure on thermoelectric properties of Bi/sub 2-x/Pb/sub x/Sr/sub 2/Co/sub 2/O/sub y/ single crystals
  304. Large thermopower in a layered oxide NaCo/sub 2/O/sub 4/
  305. Transport properties in (Na,Ca)Co/sub 2/O/sub 4/ ceramics