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  1. Atomic Layer Deposition of the Conductive Delafossite PtCoO 2
  2. Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt Phosphide for Efficient Water Splitting
  3. Atomic layer deposition of thermoelectric layered cobalt oxides
  4. Atomic layer deposition of metals: Precursors and film growth
  5. Microstructure and optical properties of ultra-thin NiO films grown by atomic layer deposition
  6. Atomic/molecular layer deposition of Cu–organic thin films
  7. Luminescent Metal-Nucleobase Network Thin Films by Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition
  8. Island Coalescence during Film Growth: An Underestimated Limitation of Cu ALD
  9. Atomic layer deposition of nickel–cobalt spinel thin films
  10. Atomic layer deposition of Cu with a carbene-stabilized Cu(i) silylamide
  11. Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of copper: A comparison of precursors
  12. Temperature and structure size dependence of the thermal conductivity of porous silicon