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  1. Economic Systems in the Metaverse: Basics, State of the Art, and Challenges
  2. A Survey of State-of-the-Art on Blockchains: Theories, Modelings, and Tools
  3. How to collect data from Geo-Distributed IoT Networks using Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites
  4. A coflow-like data-acquisition mechanism under space-terrestrial integrated networks
  5. Unified nvTCAM and sTCAM architecture for improving packet matching performance
  6. Multi-Access Edge Computing Considering User's Mobility and Online-Offline Status
  7. A study of service function chaining towards the hybrid network functions
  8. Deployment of Service Chains by Exploiting Correlations between Network Functions
  9. Energy-efficient routing scheduling for traffic sessions in Software-Defined Networks
  10. How to provide resilient control-channel routing for software-defined networks
  11. Traffic scheduling for deep packet inspection in software-defined networks
  12. Joint middlebox selection and routing for software-defined networking
  13. Rule Caching Problem in Software Defined Networking
  14. A forwarding-rule multiplexing mechanism for software-defined networks
  15. Opportunistic Offloading of Deadline-Constrained Bulk Cellular Traffic in Vehicular DTNs
  16. Software-defined wireless mesh networks: architecture and traffic orchestration
  17. Multi-flow oriented packets scheduling in OpenFlow enabled networks
  18. Optimal VM placement in data centres with architectural and resource constraints
  19. Deactivation-controlled epidemic routing in disruption tolerant networks with multiple sinks
  20. Buffer Capacity-Constrained Epidemic Routing Model in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  21. Joint optimization of task mapping and routing for service provisioning in distributed datacenters
  22. The joint optimization of rules allocation and traffic engineering in Software Defined Network
  23. An energy-aware deadline-constrained message delivery in delay-tolerant networks
  24. Epidemic dissemination of deadline-constrained messages in delay-tolerated networks
  25. The Effect of Critical Transmission Range in Epidemic Data Propagation for Mobile Ad-hoc Social Network
  26. A Novel Data Transfer Scheme of Smart Grid and DTN
  27. Deadline-constrained content distribution in vehicular delay tolerant networks
  28. MVA: An Interactive Assistant Communication Scheme in Blind Area of VANET