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  1. How can I drive polymer dispersed liquid crystal for smart window applications?
  2. Hydroponic Vegetable Cultivation in a Greenhouse Based on the Internet of Things
  3. Performance Degradation Model of DSSC using Dye from Red Dragon Fruit.
  4. Lokakarya Fun Learning Bersama Sma Favorit Di Jakarta: Teori Grit Dan Growth Mindset Lebih Sulit Dari Flow
  5. Light storage and thermal-assisted switching of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+
  6. Design and Applications of Solar Lantern Using Off-the-shelf Components for Humanitarian Activities
  7. Software Defined Radio for Education: Spectrum Analyzer, FM Receiver/Transmitter and GSM Sniffer with HackRF One
  8. Software Defined Radio Applications for Mini GSM BTS and Spectrum Analyzer with BladeRF
  9. Low-loss ARROW waveguide with rectangular hollow core and rectangular low-density polyethylene/air reflectors for terahertz waves
  10. Fabrication and characterization of all-plastic flexible microfluidic chip using thermal
  11. Static laser surface authentication with low-cost microscope: Tolerances on spatial and angular disturbance
  12. Fabrication and characterization of cuprous oxide solar cell with net-shaped counter electrode
  13. Fabrication of microfluidic chips by sandwiching patterned plastic sheet by microscope slides
  14. Analysis of the effect of rainfall intensity in Jakarta and Tangerang to the performance of free space optics communication system
  15. Design of single-transversal-mode VCSEL with photonic crystal holey cladding
  16. Microcontroller based environmental control for swiftlet nesting with SMS notification
  17. Fabrication and Characterization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Blackberry Dye and Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals
  18. Recognizing Document's Originality by laser Surface Authentication
  19. Theoretical study on the multimodeness of a commercial endlessly single-mode PCF
  21. Simulation of Gravity and Flooding algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
  22. Pulse Transmission across a Single Optical Ring-Resonator with Negative Group Velocity: Theory and Experiment
  23. Theoretical Characterization of a Commercial Large Mode Area ¿ Endlessly Single Mode Photonic Crystal Fiber
  24. Tuning the dispersion and single/multi-modeness in a hole-assisted fiber: A finite-element study
  25. Effective index measurement of propagated modes in planar waveguide
  26. Reconstruction of refractive index profile of planar waveguide using inverse WKB method