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  1. Soil pH mapping as a function of land use, elevation, and rainfall in the lake tana basin, northwestern of ethiopia
  2. Spatiotemporal dynamics of soil erosion response to land use land cover dynamics and climate variability in Maybar watershed, Awash basin, Ethiopia
  3. Cross-Correlation of Soil Moisture and Stone Content and Their Spatial Pattern Across the Different Slope Aspects and Soil Depth
  4. Soil loss estimation and severity mapping using the RUSLE model and GIS in Megech watershed, Ethiopia
  5. Impact of Soil and Water Conservation Measures and Slope Position on Selected Soil Attributes at a Watershed Scale
  6. Evaluating the Performance of AquaCrop Model for Potato Production Under Deficit Irrigation
  7. Impacts of soil and water conservation measures and slope position on selected soil attributes at a watershed scale
  8. Characterization and Classification of Soils of Zamra Irrigation Scheme, Northeastern Ethiopia
  9. Irrigation suitability evaluation of Zamra irrigation scheme, Abergelle District of Wag-Himra Zone, Amhara Region Ethiopia
  10. Effect of Slope Aspect and Land Use Types on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties in North Western Ethiopian Highlands
  11. Estimation of sediment yield and effectiveness of level stone bunds to reduce sediment loss in the Gumara-Maksegnit watershed, Nile Basin, Ethiopia
  12. Chinese and Indian investment in Ethiopia: infrastructure for ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ exchange and the land grabbing approach
  13. The recent political situation in Ethiopia and rapprochement with Eritrea
  14. Impacts of stone bunds on selected soil properties and crop yield in Gumara-Maksegnit watershed Northern Ethiopia
  15. Chinese and Indian Investment in Ethiopia: Infrastructure for ‘Debt-Trap Diplomacy’ Exchange and the Land Grabbing Approach
  16. Soil Erosion Impact Assessment using USLE/GIS Approaches to Identify High Erosion Risk Areas in the Lowland Agricultural Watershed of Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
  17. Economic benefits of soil and water conservation
  18. Assessment of Spatial Soil Erosion Susceptibility Based on the CORINE Model in the Gumara-Maksegnit Watershed, Ethiopia
  19. Performance of Frequently Used Interpolation Methods to Predict Spatial Distribution of Selected Soil Properties in an Agricultural Watershed in Ethiopia
  20. Linking selected soil properties to land use and hillslope – A watershed case study in the Ethiopian Highlands  
  21. Predicting the spatial distribution of soil erodibility factor using USLE nomograph in an agricultural watershed, Ethiopia
  22. Gully Morphology and Rehabilitation Measures in Different Agroecological Environments of Northwestern Ethiopia
  23. Spatial Variability of Selected Soil Attributes under Agricultural Land Use System in a Mountainous Watershed, Ethiopia