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  1. Sustainable development efficiency and its influencing factors across BRICS and G7 countries: An empirical comparison
  2. Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees’ Mental Fatigue: Employees’ Ethical Perspective
  3. Empirical Assessment and Comparison of Educational Efficiency between Major Countries across the World
  4. Governance, Inequality and Inclusive Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
  5. Chinese and Indian investment in Ethiopia: infrastructure for ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ exchange and the land grabbing approach
  6. The recent political situation in Ethiopia and rapprochement with Eritrea
  7. Chinese and Indian Investment in Ethiopia: Infrastructure for ‘Debt-Trap Diplomacy’ Exchange and the Land Grabbing Approach
  8. The Recent Political Situation in Ethiopia and Rapprochement with Eritrea
  9. Governance, Inequality and Inclusive Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
  10. Farmland dynamics in Pingtan, China: understanding its transition, landscape structure and driving factors
  11. Assessment of the Impact of Chinese & Indian Economic Activities in Africa: Focus on Ethiopia
  12. Clarification of Sino-African cooperation and its implication to the west
  13. Automobile Roof Panel Forming: Prediction and Compensation of Springback and Application of Numerical Simulation Based on Dynaform
  14. The Political Situation, Trends and Geopolitical Implications of Sub-Saharan and North African Countries: Comparative Study