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  1. Voice Response Based Emotion Intensity Classification for Assistive Robots
  2. Hybrid Navigation Decision Control Mechanism for Intelligent Wheel-Chair
  3. Enhancing Human Robot Communication by Generating Spatial Information Using Uncertain Terms
  4. Cloud Movement Analysis Using Lucas Kanade Method
  5. A probabilistic evaluation of human activity space for proactive approach behavior of a social robot
  6. Tell me more! A Robot’s Struggle to Achieve Artificial Awareness
  7. An Intelligent Gesture Classification Model for Domestic Wheelchair Navigation
  8. Evaluation of Navigation Commands Based on Conceptual Attributes to Enhance Human-Robot Interaction
  9. Situation Awareness for Proactive Robots in HRI
  10. All Organic, Conductive Nanofibrous Twisted Yarns
  11. Understanding uncertain information in vocal description for creating virtual spatial maps
  12. A Conceptual Model to Improve Understanding of Distance Related Uncertain Information
  13. A Study on Robot-Initiated Interaction: Toward Virtual Social Behavior
  14. Enhancing Cognitive Virtual Maps for Domestic Service Robots by Adapting the User’s Perception on Uncertain Information Based on the Robot Experience: A Neural Network Approach
  15. Enhancing Human-Robot Interaction by Amalgamating Spatial and Attribute Based Cognitive Maps of Assistive Robot
  16. Grounding Object Attributes Through Interactive Discussion for Building Cognitive Maps in Service Robots
  17. Enhancing Conceptual Spatial Map by Amalgamating Spatial and Virtual Cognitive Maps for Domestic Service Robots
  18. Identification of Cognitive Navigational Commands for Mobile Robots Based on Hand Gestures and Vocal Commands
  19. Cognitive Spatial Representative Map for Interactive Conversational Model of Service Robot
  20. Development of an interactive service robot arm for object manipulation